Zombie Survival Basics: 5 C’s Of Survivability.

Zombie Survival Basics: 5 C’s Of Survivability.

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Basics for survival. Even for zombies.
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  1. All in all good points

  2. I think he likes his big knife lol

  3. Are you English or Australian.

  4. Nice video.  Good thoughts on the 5 c's.  I always enjoy seeing folks halfway round the world using the same concepts that I do to have fun, and stay alive in the bush country.

  5. GIMME THAT FERRO ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good stuff, man. cheers.

  6. if you ever need cordage, you can just use the paracord wrapped around your knife. gotta stay on top man, you never know when those zombies are gonna come for your brains. good video tho.

  7. Absorbed Self Reliance

    I for one am not certain on the event of what alot of folks refer to ZOMBIE. I personally think if something major happens to the economy. They will be plenty of walking dead attacking to survive. My grandfather used this term when I was a child. He stated in the 1930's Great Depression. All over the world we had people who was walking Dead. He says before your time is up you will see this major event take place again. Also mentioned most will not survive! for the simple reason we are all so dependant on medical drugs to live day to day life. He believed we as most have lost the way to survive without assistance. He believed we thought the box had all the answers in it. Anything outside the box was forbidden. I for one am glad we all think outside the box!!   good video and off to see more

  8. First of all- Bad ass vest! Think about the tarp/poncho combo though. People do not consider this. Either you can sit in the rain wearing the poncho or you can set it up as a tarp and be unable to move out from under it without getting soaked. Bad options. You need both. 

  9. Great Video…I am loving the vest!

  10. Edit out the silly reference to "zombie," and you have a real winner! I'd love to know what specific uses your choice of tools does for you in your natural environment. If it differs from the north eastern US area (similar to Dave's area), I'd love to know how. The "visual" you provide of the guy getting a bit too loose was hysterical! LOL

  11. great vid 

  12. Kullcraven Bushcraft & Survival

    To make fire with a bow drill and you had that knife, you could use the cordage on the handle.The topic on aluminum is a good one. I use it and cook with it and eat from it. You actually get more aluminum from a ant acid tablet then you do from cooking and eating a meal cooked in a pot made from it. You did very well in this video, great info man. Zombies i shake my head when i hear that, but mindless people starving, can be zombielike and as dangerous..take care bro.

  13. Good video man.

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