Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tools – Cheap Cool Crazy

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tools – Cheap Cool Crazy

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We have a special zombie-themed episode of Cheap Cool Crazy this week, inspired by Resident Evil! Check out an awesome evil umbrella, a Resident Evil airsoft gun, and a zombie apocalypse camp then leave us a comment and you could win your own Umbrella corporation Umbrella!

Want to buy the products featured in this episode?

CHEAP: Umbrella Umbrella – .99 – via ThinkGeek

COOL: Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Airsoft Pistol – 3.00 – via RedWolf Airsoft

CRAZY: Zombie Survival Training – 9.00 – 5.00 per person – via Zombie Survival Course http://www.zombiesurvivalcourse.com

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  1. meme queen popcorn machine

    i hate getting attacked by a drunk god of war on the street
    ruins my whole day


  3. anyone know the name of the song at the end?

  4. Why are you so hot 

  5. Kratos is that you?

  6. Omg kratos is dead no god of war 4

  7. The zombie in kratos

  8. Airsoft gun

  9. We share the same first name c:

  10. Why was that first zombie wearing one of those Elmer Fudd hats?

  11. zombie go boom starts rate now… wait

  12. the zombie could have been wearing a kratos mask

  13. kratos found a pub

  14. Yahoo food one

  15. ColonialMarine117

    Good vid

  16. they should do a slender ep

  17. kratos mask

  18. if you look close enough you can see that is just a person wearing a mask

  19. I wanna know how to get that Kratos mask!! 

  20. What the fuck. That's not a zombie thays kratos

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