Your Zombie Survival Plan Will Fail – On the Boat

Your Zombie Survival Plan Will Fail – On the Boat

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Do you really thinking grabbing a boat and heading for water is the best plan? What about your anchor lines? Can they float? What do you think these two chances are in the apocalypse.

Your Zombie Survival Plan will fail…
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  1. Oliver Waldemar

    Zombies can't float, because they don't breath. They don't have any air in their body's. 😛 they can't get you if you go to a island. You could even get some fences or something and surround the island with them if it's a small island. Or just surround a special area on it. You would also be smart to test if zombies float.

  2. Oliver Waldemar

    What? If you make some changes in the boat, they will not be able to come up anyway.

  3. Leather Jacket, check!
    4 ft machete sword, check!
    I even have 2 treadmills on standby.

  4. boats are a really good idea if you can make it work



    actually, the treadmill thing was a joke i read a while ago, thought it would be fun to share. if there was a real zombie outbreak, really all you'd need is to wear something to thick for the zombies to chew through, so just slap on a leather jacket, grab the best melee weapon you can find the go out and start killing zombies.

  6. doodlemcstrudel

    Adding to Jackson's comment about the treadmill, what if there isn't electricity during the apocolpse? Huh? That is one of the WORST plans ever

  7. Plus how the hell are you gonna have the time and strength to move a tredmill by yourself when a zombie apocalypse breaks out? Where the hell would you get one too?

  8. Your windows, dude…

  9. Maybe his plan is to fail.

  10. Tell us how to survive, master.

  11. doodlemcstrudel

    Ivan, you always say "your zombie plan will fail" but you never told us what YOUR zombie plan is! What is it?


    my zombie survival plan is to put a tradmil in front of my door. the zombies will be to slow and they will keep falling when they try to walk on it

  13. Yeah, okay. Whatever floats your goat.

  14. when i dream about the zombie apocalypses i woke up and look out the window and see all the zombies run and im like NO its internet time

  15. LARPinf :)

  16. Zombieducks30201

    Sometimes I have dreams of zombie apocalypses. Usually they involve me having to swim across a large body of water. Everytime I look under the water and there are millions of zombies floating around and trying to bite us..Creepy. Not going in water if that happens

  17. PrimeTime2K14 Channel


  18. its the best idea, id take a yacht head down to an island thats surrounded by deep water. best plan ever

  19. I know, they are usually slow and uncoordinated humanoids that shamble (or crawl) however there sometimes are a few that can 'sort of' run or 'speed shamble'. But it doesn't matter I'm going to chill out in my epic bug-out location (a missile silo) if any sort of apocalypse is about to happen (be it zombie, EMP, global thermo-nuclear war, an earthquake, super-volcano eruption or hurricane. Just about pretty much anything).

  20. Good point, forgot about the zombies that can float.

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