You Should Have These Basic Survival Skills

You Should Have These Basic Survival Skills

- in Survival Basics

You Should Have These Basic Survival Skills

–Thomas Coyne, President and Chief Instructor at Survival Training School of California, joins David to discuss the basic survival skills that everyone should have

On the Bonus Show: Huckabee pays Survivor k, Red Cross creates racist pool safety poster, WV flooding, more…

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Broadcast on June 28, 2016
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  1. i lost count of the sortofs…i will not be insulded by this jew faggot…

  2. Here's a useful link that I thought I'd share on an article that lists 100 things you'd need in case of an emergency…. there's several on there that I din't even think of until reading it

  3. I trained myself to do this

  4. its called have a cellphone now its all you need now

    thx for this ha bisky vid

  5. I was once stuck in the alps for 17 days after our jet airliner crashed.
    We ate the dead and weak ones.

    Then when we ran out of meat, we raided nearby villages and ate those people too.

  6. This guy has to be extremely high

  7. this is important. most people never consider the real possibility of needing basic survival skills.

  8. I'm dead.

  9. Make a fire with a plastic bag and some water. Learned that shit on youtube.

  10. Save your dryer lint. It is just as good as the REI fire starters but for free.

  11. Mephistahpheles

    If I could only have one tool, it'd be a knife. Useful for many, many things….and much harder to make than any thing else.

    Making fire with friction is pretty easy IF you have a knife.

  12. This was a really good segment, from someone who seemed to have a lot of good, basic information without trying to sell a load of product. I like David, and the show a lot. I am subscribed, and I "like" most the vids I see. I just hope he got something out of this, cuz his pansy ass would have a tough time in an adverse situation. Be prepared for disaster in at least a very basic self sufficient way.

  13. you should have a gps just in case you need to locate the nearest pee

  14. I live in an urban environment. CPR, Heimlich, broken/dislocated limbs, and change a tire. These skills are bare minimum.

  15. I like animals, but trees and rocks are boring. And if I had to live without the internet or video games… I'd rather die.

  16. Try carrying a fucking lighter in your pocket

  17. " – Technology's greatest contribution is to permit people to be incompetent at a larger and larger range of things."

  18. Seek out nature. Hike, surf and snowboard. It has changed my life, I think it'll have a powerful affect on everyone. You'll learn survival skills along the way as you stay out longer.

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