Winter Wilderness Survival Food

Winter Wilderness Survival Food

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A few tips on what the wilderness provides in the middle of winter that is easily gathered and can be used for survival food.


  1. Virginia Bradley

    Thanks you.

  2. Are some of your earlier videos available under the alias "fresh air", Lonnie?

  3. The internet needs more people like this that actually know what they're talking about.

    Thumbs up.

    What books (or Android applications) can you recommend for learning this kind of natural medicine and nutrition?

  4. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    That is great Chris. You are blessed to have that abundance. We do have it here but certainly not "tons".

  5. There is a ton of chaga on the birch trees here in connecticut

  6. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    It's pretty interesting to see all the subscribers I have that are located even in tropical locations. I'm glad you are able to apply this to your area. Thank you

  7. Excellent video. More applicable to where I live in northeastern Ontario than most survival videos.

  8. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    Great Davy You are welcome. I will put your request on my vids to do list. No promise when I will get to it though.

  9. been trying to figure out how to survive during the winter and this vid helps.would love to see more on this subject when you get time..thanks.

  10. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    you are welcome

  11. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    Thank you very much for the kind words. It makes the effort, expense and work all worthwhile if someone can learn from it.

  12. Your my favorite bushcraft expert!!! So much knowledge

  13. Thank you for all of your videos!!!

  14. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    You are welcome

  15. Thanks!

  16. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    Thank you. I've been through that area before I think and there was a lot of snow

  17. Kristyanna Virgona

    good video I live near Mt Shasta in northern, northern CA

  18. Don't have 2 b in Alaska for that 2 b true. That's why all of our planing is to bug-in rather than bug-out in worst case situation. Only if everything on our place is destroyed – wild fire for ex. – would we consider leaving. Too old, too many health problems to hike very far. Especially in adverse weather. Especially summer heat/humidity in SE.

    Using learning here to utilize back 40, if front 40 suffers loss. Primitive "rustic" camping utilizing what remains.

    + Still enjoy outdoors anyway!

  19. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    continued…… Yes it can be easily replaced as long as you are warm and dry and not burning the energy off faster than it can be replaced such as in trying to get yourself out over too great of distances and adverse terrain. Age and physical condition has a lot to do with what is the best option. Best not lock your self into only one option if there are other options available.

  20. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    Many older people do not have the energy to keep going and going though without replenishing the bodies fuel supply. Also here in Alaska many times a person is deep in the bush and "walking out" really isn't a practical option. It may be best just to hang tight, use your energy to make a comfortable camp, procure food and wait for someone to come looking for you. you said "the energy used up cannot be replaced in an arctic environment". continued….

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