Winter Survival Shelter

Winter Survival Shelter

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How to make a quick shelter in heavy snow using a pine tree.
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  1. Good advice, I've made a similar shelter before. Pine trees are just awesome.

  2. I found out that people hate exposure. Especially when you're on a bus.

  3. What do you do if there's no snow around?

  4. i dont like comercials you suck

  5. danahersoutdoors

    Another Youtube survival video where you're told what to do, but no one demonstrates what it's actually like.

  6. Shovel brand please

  7. Be very careful of tree wells! They can be 14' deep and full of powder snow! Many skier's suffocate in them every year!

  8. nice job brother i dont see many people talking about this type of shelter good to see something new

  9. Sounds like nutnfancy

  10. Great advice.  I think this concept could apply in any snowbound situation, even in big cities.

  11. What kind of pine trees are those, they look like spruce to me.

  12. That's not a pine tree

  13. martino daniells

    Great video, one of the best winter shelter videos I have seen

  14. This guys better than fancy pants

  15. is this a skinny nutnfancy? are you his brother? you soiund EXACTLY like that fat fuck

  16. good info. Thanks

  17. No , it is just one of the evergreens. Much shorter needles . and more of them. Also you can make spruce tea, very high in vitamin C.

  18. If possible , get rid of the snow down to the earth level. The ground will release heat , if you have snow between you and the ground the snow does act as an insulator and you will be colder. Also , as he said , spruce or pine bows will insulate . But is possible get down to earth level.

  19. Snow and cold weather don't kill people bit exposure to the snow and weather kill people? Spoken like a true dumb ass

  20. thx u

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