Wilderness Survival#2 / How to build a shelter

Wilderness Survival#2 / How to build a shelter

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In this video I show you how you can build a shelter. If you are in a survivalsituation, or do a survivaltrip it can be really important to know.
I hope you enjoy the video!;)

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In diesem Video zeige ich, wie man ein Shelter (Unterkunft) baut.
Zu wissen, wie man ein Shelter baut, kann in einer Überlebenssituation, oder auf einer Survival- / Bushcrafttour sehr wichtig sein.
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Musik: http://www.michael-donner-soundpacks.de/

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  1. Until a leaf catches on fire and sets you and your whole shelter aflame lol

  2. Hm haja, ein etwas stärkerer Windstoß und zack, wehts dir die Blätter weg! Du könntest noch Moos oben drauf legen, um das Blattwerk zu beschweren, oder kleineres Astwerk.

  3. In heavy rain that shelter wouldn't last 5 minutes

  4. I was trained to make these types of shelter. If I may make a few suggestions. Outer debris depth should be at least 2-3 feet thick, minimum. when you took your camera inside I could see gaps of light from the outside. Build a small smoky fire on the inside to drive away the insects living in the debris, be careful obviously. When all of that is done you must fill the interior of the shelter with leaf debris, Then work your way into the debris and you are insulated from the ground and the cold air. Your basic construction was very good, be careful the shelter ribs do not extend very far above the spine of your roofline or rain will find its way inside. That is another area where the thick outer debris will help you. You might want to have a poncho with you, it is great for collecting those leaves and will lighten your burden. You have done well, I liked it and appreciate your hard work and sharing. Keep it up.

  5. LOL. At 2:47, I turn around to see if someone turn on the TV in the living room…

  6. Dennie Normanton

    What's with he terminator music?

  7. very nice shelter

  8. du bist echt gut mach weiter

  9. That was very good!

  10. that's awesome and helpful

  11. You didn't insulate from the ground.

  12. You build a really good shelter! you could maby upgrade it whit tree barks.

  13. I think a pyramid structure would be most effective

  14. Mag sein das du abonenten aus anderen Ländern hast 🙂 hat ja jeder … Aber der Großteil ist nunmal Deutsch also bitte sprech Deutsch und du kannst den Untertitel ja auf Englisch machen 🙂 wäre dann viel besser anzusehen

  15. Washaltet ihr mal von pyrotechnischen Erzeugnissen?

  16. 1 million without video? We can do it friends!


  17. Haha! You dont know who i am


  18. Haha! You dont know who i am

    hä bin ich gesperrt?

  19. Hi , cooles Video , weiter so , 
    Ich habe eine Frage : In einem altem Intro hattes du eine schwarze Airsoft , ich glaube es war eine A5 oder MP 5, wo hast du die gekauft xD ?? 

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