Wilderness Survival Skills Pt 1/4: Priorities of Survival & Coal Burn Spoon

Wilderness Survival Skills Pt 1/4: Priorities of Survival & Coal Burn Spoon

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Come join us as we team up with BOSS (Boulder Outdoor Survival School) in southern Utah to learn about wilderness/primitive living and survival skills. In this episode the Priorities of Survival will be discussed as well as, how to make a field expedient spoon using a coal burning method.

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  1. Thx

  2. Why would I carry a bowdrill set around with me? I could carry several lighters, fire-steels, and a bunch of synthetic tinder like wetfire and take up way less space and weight. It's probably a lot easier to start a fire with a empty lighter than a bow drill.

    I could see if I was lost and lost all of my gear and had to make a bowdrill set, carrying it with me at that point if I had to move but not just in case. Same for the deadfall set.

  3. When's the next vid coming out? Thanks

  4. Enjoyed this. Looking forward to the next part.

  5. Looks like this is going to be a great series. Thank you for sharing. God bless and stay safe.

  6. music was so annoying I could not enjoy video.

  7. BlackScoutSurvival

    Refreshing to watch. These folks know their stuff

  8. This was interesting, but really hippy and weird. These are the kind of people that do hallucinogens in joshua tree and jump off the rocks onto cacti.

  9. The ONLY way it seams to get a primitive fire started is to be barefoot.

  10. Please make a bushcraft knives competition

  11. 14 minutes, too long, didn't watch.

    i already know how to drink my own piss.

  12. If you know more you can carry less, I like that philosophy:)

  13. Ultimate Survivalist

    Great video

  14. The Late Boy Scout

    Awesome! I love that spoon-making technique.

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