Wilderness Survival: Mountain Lakes (sample clips) with Thomas J. Elpel

Wilderness Survival: Mountain Lakes (sample clips) with Thomas J. Elpel

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Wilderness Survival: Mountain Lakes (sample clips) with Thomas J. Elpel

With little more than a flint & steel kit and a copper drinking cup, Thomas J. Elpel and daughter Cassie trek five miles back into the Rocky Mountains for a few days of fishing, fun, and survival living. Among the spectacular lakes and mountain peaks, they demonstrate all of the skills required to meet their basic needs, including:

Shelter: Rock and log shelter with a fire.
Fire: Flint & Steel Kit + Making char cloth.
Water: Drinking from mountain streams.
Edible Plants: Wild onions and glacier lilies.
Meat: Mountain Suckers-fishing by hand, snagging by hook, plus fishing laws.
Cooking: Cooking fish on hot coals, plus steaming wild vegetables in a stone oven.
Tools: Tin can knives, plus forging the nail knife and making a pine bark pot.
Mountain Lakes. ISBN: 1-892784-22-X. July 2003. Full Version: 104 minutes.
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  1. Patrick's Bushcraft

    Good times.

  2. klent mangindin

    awesome survival

  3. klent mangindin

    lol 😛

  4. Cute daughter. In a few years she'll be noodling fish like nothing and skinning bears with a toothpick. 😀

  5. Mr elpel I enjoy your videos. I do hope that you continue posting them.

  6. I really enjoyed your video. I taught my daughter the same stuff. Once, when she was 7 we were in my truck going about 50 mph. She admonished me for not stopping to pick up a perfectly good raccoon roadkill. Yep she ID it and addressed its condition at 50mph while peering over the dash. (I was using roadkill at the time for study skins at the nature center where I work.)

  7. Great Job!!Thanks for sharing!

  8. @meatoafzombie Hell yea, there is so much knowlede out there. hard times have fallen on most the country but at least we have the option of going out there and feeding ourselves. and most of it is pretty tastey. And Cassie was that alpine touch? i dont go anywhere without it.

  9. In younger times i had hard times with it but Man am i glad i grew up and live in Montana!

  10. Tom,

    Great stuff, great production. Cassie is a Trooper!


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