Wilderness Survival Kit Waistpack

Wilderness Survival Kit Waistpack

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2ea BPA free 500ml bottles
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  1. Saiga762x39mm AK47

    this bag is very flimsy. with 2 water bottle full, it doesn't feel like it will hold.

  2. Cool… hope it works for you.

  3. Very comfortable!

  4. are these comfortable to wear at your side?

  5. Southern Survivalist

    bulletproof??? needed???

  6. That's the Smith & Wesson SWFLCS HRT Urban Camo Titanium Coated folding knife. It's awesome… check out my vid on it!

  7. what is that pocket knife that is in the right side of the video

  8. I have one of these too. i use it a lot. I replaced the 1/2 liter bottles with some 1 liter bottles. I had an issue with the stitching where the belt attaches to the bottle holders. had to resew it there. But overall it works well. had it for over a year. mine is orange. 

  9. I have one of these and it's unbelievable the amount of stuff it holds. Since I pretty much just keep it in my vehicle as a get-home bag I use one of the water bottle pockets to hold a lightweight tarp setup. Well worth the $10!!!

  10. @BuckeyeTrekker Yeah, I've seen it at dicks also… kind of a big price difference. I guess this is why I shop at walmart.

  11. @CampSmarts I put the waistpack on first and then the backpack hipbelt goes above the pack in the front and rests on top of the waistpack strap in the rear. I guess I like to wear my backpack kinda high so it works for me. On shorter, lighter trips I don't bother with the waist pack at all. .

  12. I would have liked to have seen how you wear this on your waist with the backpack. I have my survival kit in a waistpack as well (somewhat smaller) and I can't seem to wear it when I have the hip belt of my backpack on. I tend to strap it around the top of my backpack if I'm carrying both. If I'm doing a double carry on a portage, then I carry the backpack on one trip, and then carry the canoe and my survival waistpack on the next trip (or vice-versa).

  13. i've got one of those too. the plastic on the bottles is surprisingly tough. can't be it for 10 bucks.

  14. @RJBURG Hey, thanks for stopping by. I doubt I'm the first but it works for me. Like all your stove vids… check out my variant of a sterno sink drain stove. 

  15. I like this pack now you are the first one that has your survival pack around your wast not in your back pack 

  16. @cyclist01222 Good point! lol. Thanks!

  17. @intenseangler Get it anyway… only 10 bucks!

  18. Nice pack… and a bargain to boot! Wish I would have saw this when I was throwing my latest gear setup together. Thanks.

  19. They Call Me Blunts

    @cyclist01222 Sorry I meant the plastic bottle to cap straps. I found them useless.

  20. @pcjsleader I"m always on the lookout for high value gear and this was it. Hard to beat it for the price. I haven't had any trouble with the bungees, they work well for me.

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