Wilderness Survival Kit Level One

Wilderness Survival Kit Level One

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Preparedmind101 lays out the contents of what I would consider a “Level One Wilderness Survival Kit”…Something in a small bag that you could keep in your trunk that held all the essential elements for surviving outdoors. Meant as a stopgap in the event you find yourself in a survival situation and you don’t have your backpack kit.
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  1. its not like you want to have a surviving trip . like you real for the fishing trip

  2. Chris, I know this is an older video, but can I recommend some changes concerning calories.  If you have nothing, ya, take any food where you can get it.  In this case you have a choice as to what to put into the kit.  Ditch the low calorie water flavoring and add something high calorie.  I do a lot of hiking and you need the high calorie boost when you start to crash.  If it's cold, double or triple the calorie use just making body heat.  Second, you would be better off with the Cliff Bars than the monster protein bars.  Protein requires the body to use water to convert amino acids into glucose before it can be used in the glycolysis process to produce energy.  So, you are increasing your need for water by predetermining your carried calories are proteins.  Protein in an emergency are still needed especially for recuperation of muscle tissue from exertion, but if you are going to carry calories carry complex carbs and fats.  For the weight, they will have more calories per ounce, not require water to convert into energy, and be released into your system over a longer period of time.  Additionally, carbs are the hardest calorie source to replicate in the wild.

  3. Survival-garner

    Where did you get the bag and I completely agree with this videos contents for the most part

  4. First thing; another video from your back deck. NOT very convincing. 
    Second thing: "Wilderness" cannot be accessed by car. If one is in the 'wilderness' one is at least a one day hike from one's car.If you can drive to it, it's a campground.
    Just out of curiosity, have even been to one of those?

  5. Excellent kit vid, Chris! Question: where can the waterproof plant guides be purchased?

  6. Good video, and a very good compact kit.

  7. I haven't looked, but are you watching on a computer or mobile device? They don't show up on mobile, which is why I quit doing that.

  8. I know this is an old video, but when you point to a link there needs to be a title there not just "click here".

  9. nice kit

  10. very nice kit bro! lot of stuff for such a small bag. awesome!

  11. Good luck. Its a Nalgene/Guyot designs SS bottle. They make runs off them, then stop to make everyone crazy.

    You might consider the Pathfinder Schools options. They have a SS bottle with a really tall nesting cup, plus the SS canteen kit (I have a couple videos on that).

  12. Nice.. great stuff.
    Nice to see someone add food.. I rarely ever see that in vids. Better to have something to eat then nothing at all.
    Thanks for the video


    Got it from Countycomm several years ago, but I think they still make them.

  14. Chris, what bag is that? I'd like to pick up a couple to use for FAKs.

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