Wilderness Survival Guns

Wilderness Survival Guns

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Wilderness Survival Guns

I had to delete and then re-upload this video. Sorry to those of you that left comments on the first upload.

If I look tired in this video it’s because I’m tired lol!

I know that there is an almost endless array of firearms out there that would be great to have with you in the woods but this is just a quick look at a few of the ones that I own.
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  1. If or when the shtf scenario comes into reality, there will be no such thing as a banned firearm.  You will be able to do what you need to do to stay alive, hence "SHIT hit the fan" is not going to be a fun time or an adventuress time.  It will be a, do what you can and need to, so you can live another day and protect your family.  Thanks for the video.

  2. since my last comment, I got a 20ga. singleshot, 22lr savage, stevens 12ga. pump plus a $90.00 recurve crossbow.
    I got everything I need for short and long term survival just got to organize it all.
    I added a couple more adapters to my collection.

  3. Old Cracker With a gun

    You would probably do well with an M6 Scout from Springfield. .22/410 over under. I carry several kinds of .22 from cb to 'super hugh' vel. and .410 #6 shot to buck and slugs. For a little extra versatility I take my Ruger Blackhawk .44 mag.  Seems to be a good combination.

  4. What brand/model is the .22 rifle with the 13.5" barrel?

  5. Can anyone tell me what the single shot take-down shotgun is near the end? The old one.

  6. I had a sneaking suspicion you were one of us. You apologized before you started talking 🙂 very very Canadian haha

  7. Great video!! I have a remington 700 bdl!! My favorite riffle!!

  8. great video. ive recently subscribed and I love your material. keep the videos coming.

  9. ShotgunShooter666

    Sorry you cant carry handguns in the woods. For hiking, camping or anything in the woods, a decent handgun is the best choice, imo. Less weight to carry around.

    I'm jealous of your short barrels that are legal. If I could have a 13" barreled 22lr, I would.

  10. When I searched for survival weapons, I was looking for swords or daggers. Not guns. Still good video;)

  11. this country was built and held with guns i love guns no gun has ever killed anyone with out some idiot pulling the trigger that same idiot can kill with a car a can of gas a knife a pipe bomb poison gas or like hilter and a lot of others did it he got some one else to do his murder crazy things happen in a world where people think more of an animal than a human being keep burning powder

  12. Watching from Shanghai! Man, you are dead on!! very good review. sound ideas and practical. You are welcome in my forest anytime!!! Good luck with your next project. Also take a look at the 22 hornet is you like both 223 and 22lr the Hornet is also very easily to reload by hand. Again, I am 30 minutes south of the line and you are welcome anytime. Happy trials.

  13. savage makes over under that breaks down in three pieces 22/410 22mag/12gage 223/12gage and up to big bore nice vid

  14. If a 30/30 rifle is too heavy for You in a SURVIVAL situation,then You probably will not survive.

  15. great video anyways in canada do you guys need a bullet button for the ar 15s

  16. I'm also living in Canada but in my area a 10/22 is near perfect but without any after market parts it's quite heavy and bulky(for a 22) what kind of 22 is the other short one, an where can it be purchased?

  17. Should have went for the Youth Handi Rifle in .223. synthetic, 5.33 lbs WITH iron sights! Broken down with the 20" light contour barrel sits nicely in a backpack.

  18. Interesting no-nonsense video. Thanks. What kind of rifle is your short-barreled .22 bolt action?

  19. Excellent video – thanks for sharing your thought process! Have you considered a pistol caliber carbine? Perhaps a KelTec Sub 2000 in .40S&W Glock to match your pistol. It folds in half and is very light weight. It not only uses the same ammo, but the same magazines as well. Also check out Red Lion Precision for accessories. Not sure if they're legal in Canada since I live in the U.S. Again, my thanks for your video and time!

  20. Sir, I`ve looked your video. Suggestion: Have a look at the Merkle RX Helix with the synthetic stock and 5 round magazines – choose a caliber you want. The rifle ist super light and perfect for take down and packing in your kajak or rucksack. Greetings from Austria / Europe.

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