Wilderness Survival Challenge – Lost Day Hiker

Wilderness Survival Challenge – Lost Day Hiker

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Wilderness Survival Challenge - Lost Day Hiker

The video shows a recent overnight trip I did, using only my day pack. In the video I show what gear I had with me, and what actions I took. The goal was to simulate a survival situation where a lost day hiker was stranded in the woods for the night.

For more details, have a look at my blog: www.woodtrekker.blogspot.com


  1. Finally, someone who shows it like it really happens…not like that fake and staged "reality" stuff we see everywhere else. Perfect scenario from what someone usually carries, how they let it happen, and on how Murphy always seems to show up and make things go wrong in the night. Kudos on one of the best I've seen.

  2. Tacticalgearhead

    Great video, I enjoyed it a lot.

  3. Nickathome Smith

    Definitely not enough firewood brother. If it were me in that situation, I'd have first gathered a shitload of firewood. After I had gathered enough wood to last at least most of the night, I'd turn my attention to the setup of the shelter, making sure it is still light enough to set it up. Once the shelter is up, I'd get the fire going, and would process wood as I'd need it, or would just put big branches into the fire, putting it into the center as it burned down. Then I'd eat something and would make some hot liquid to keep the boiler working, and would then try to get some sleep to get through the night.

  4. Great Simulation. it's a little late but maybe you can explain more about the danger of bittery cold when standing still/layed down or sleep in that situation. I would've thought that don't sleep at all is a must, if you sleep the core body temp will drop even more and you'll risk hypothermia or frozen fingers/toes, or risk to dead from hearth failure.

  5. hartstudebakerkid

    You are in a hard wood forest and you have a small saw…..you should have gathered wood for both a fire and a raised bed.  You spent to much time cutting wood into short pieces.  You should have drug in more wood and cut it up in the firelight.

  6. Nice going Ross!  Great job!

  7. Just like to say I appreciate what you went through to show us some reality. Thank you again

  8. Ross, you did a great job of setting up this scenario.  It is very realistic because this very scenario almost happened to me and my family as we did a day hike about 16 yrs. ago.  At the our two children were under the age of 10 yrs. old. 

    What started out for us as what we thought was going to be a nice 5 mile afternoon walk down a segment of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Boone, NC turned a bit serious when we took a wrong turn at a spot where the trail was not marked well.  My wife and I began to worry we would not get out before dark and we were unprepared for any overnight scenarios.  Fortunately we found our way back onto our trail and arrived back at our vehicle just as darkness was falling.

    The memory of that close call has stayed with me until the present.  I have never again gone into the woods without enough gear to sustain me through at least a few possible scenarios.  I now pack more survival/sheltering  stuff in my day pack, even if I don't intend to stay out overnight.

    Thus, the video you made is one of the most realistic survival videos I can recall! This was the real thing!

  9. Telling it like it is can take a toll on you. Nearly losing a couple of fingers to the cold was a close call. Usually you need so much more firewood than you think goes without saying. A roll of cordage, perhaps #36 bankline, would have made it easier!

  10. Hey, let me know how can I contact you, need to talk to you something.


  11. Great video, great idea. Quite a few people who've been in this situation become panicked which is very, very dangerous. You're experience showed through in your ability to keep calm and understand the situation as it was. Thanks for the learning experience.

  12. xXSummerRocks22 The Minecraft MasterXx

    How is this video made when it's the 16th of December and its January 27th 2014?

  13. Impressive. Good humour. Cool head.

  14. Thank you so much for this video. I have a wilderness survival page that I would like to share this video on if you don't mind. So many people are not aware of how difficult it is to survive in any environment with minimal supplies. Bear Grylls makes it look so easy but in reality it is not! Thanks again for the video and if you have any advice for me and my wilderness survival page stuff I could really use it! God bless and stay prepared!

  15. 1) Not sure why you need shelter in a forest when it's not snowing.
    2) Not sure why your clothing wouldn't already keep you warm and dry buy just laying in the snow
    3) Not sure why you wouldn't just use the tent cloth as a tarp or wrap it around your body
    4) Not sure how your fire starts with wet wood
    5) Your camera is working, so the temperature hasn't drained your battery, so the cold shouldn't be a problem with past experience.
    6) Not sure if you pretending to be a loss hiker, why you just wouldn't turn around and follow your footprints.
    7) Not sure why you did the video. Perhaps trying to do a TV program.

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