Wilderness Survival Card: Readyman | Canadian Prepper

Wilderness Survival Card: Readyman | Canadian Prepper

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Wilderness Survival Card: Readyman | Canadian Prepper

A quick show and tell of a “free” card with numerous survival impliments offered by readyman. Fits in a wallet.

Get yours here


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  1. looks like the kind of things you stuff in your wallet, forget about, and airport security finds it the next time you fly.

  2. to be a meaningful review, how about if you show how to practically use each tool

  3. how can you critique it without trying it. That's a video I'd like to see.

  4. ExtremeSurvivalTV

    Just did a over view of the same product on my channel nice job

  5. All these items put out by this company are an amazing P.O.S.!

  6. Ebay wants 12 bucks for this pos…no thanks!

  7. i have one , dont know how effective it would be….but if it isnt the sh has hit the fan so much there wont be any internet to complain on lol

  8. Looks like they have upped their game. They want $12.95 now. [insert crying sad emoticon here]

  9. Fausnaugh Productions

    stop moving the product so much

  10. I bought the Credit Card Survival Tool, It has 11 vital functions, High Quality Stainless Steel. I found this code and got a 10% discount. http://patriotdeal.com/collections/all/products/multi-function-11-1-credit-card-survival-tool Use this code "PD10"and save 10%.

  11. Looks like a piece of shit gimmick but after seeing the arrowhead test i have to say that it looks pretty good. Its all the same steel and the arrowhead held up just fine. But there is a lot of empty space between the fish hooks where they should could have added more hooks and needles.

  12. thats one of those items you think of while you are on the toilet.. lol.. nice video.. thanks for sharing

  13. test the product, i wanna see how well it works before i order something.

  14. very cool
    be a nice gift commodity..

  15. i want it but first i need a wallet

  16. nothing costs fifty cents to make anymore, not even "fifty cents".

  17. Harrison Blackwood

    Wheres the link to the card. The link I saw looks to go to your facebook.

  18. Apparently that was a limited promo, they're now selling them for $12.95. Fuck that.

  19. This is not reusable thumbs down because you might loose it

  20. "the useless saw" says it twice never uses saw correctly. Watched the other video.just so its known. You cant just write off a tool you miss use/d. Did any one question why some of those holes are on this card in specific the ones on the saw? realistically that's just a replacement bow saw blade, nothing more. If i just used a replacement blade with out putting it in a bow to give it tension people especially internet people would rip on my ass; I'm just tweaked cause your writing off a potentially perfect tool just because of negligence.I l think you should re-review the saw with a bow, with the full tool together you can even semi effectively use the large saw teeth.

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