Wilderness Survival Card: Arrow Test

Wilderness Survival Card: Arrow Test

- in Survival In Mountains

Using a handmade bow made by Sylvan Bowyer, we put the readyman wilderness card broadhead arrow to the test! The product exceeded our expectations having endured the torture we put it through!


  1. tried to sign up to get the card but it kept asking me for a US address o well I won't be ordering it

  2. Brandon Simmons

    Oh god that bow is awful

  3. does the archer have his own YouTube channel?

  4. you have some mad skillz 😀 . I wouldnt want to stand on the wrong end of your "tools" 😉 .Great review.

  5. Charles Waldron

    Hey guys I love your video and interview of the Wilderness Survival Card.  Hit them up at info@readyman.com for some additional info and mention Charles saw your video and they will send you some more gear to review.  They have had some issues with the USPS but have a handle on it now so any future mail should get there in less than 2 months…even if delivered by moose…Thanks again, amazing video.

  6. didn't see that coming

  7. Thank you

  8. working2Bselfsufficient

    I actually joined readyman since it is a full refund and can quit whenever and they send you the outdoors card the one you just reviewed (I got 2 not sure if was accident or not)(2 lock pick cards that have the basic lock picking tools, handcuff keys, zip tie saw for cutting restraints,and tweezers)(also a AR tool kit on a card).They all fit in the little sleeve that that card came in and in my wallet or pocket and you can't really tell the difference.They are light and look like they will break and won't work but they do.Also for being a member they have live Q&A sessions you can ask whatever you want.They have there own blog.They also train (it is extra for training) they use laser type trainers with sensors all over you.The system they use is the firearms rifles and pistols are weighted to proper weight and have a real feeling functional trigger you feel even the reset.The sensors light up and also can turn on vibration and shock therapy (it's always on so you know if you get hit but can be turned off) and the good is no ammo waste and low cost of the courses for a weekend of playing with Chad Wade and his buddies.Theres alot of good videos on there site and alot of good info and the blog is active and can active ways talk to other members and they share all kinds of info with each other.Its $19 a month when I signed up and cancel whenever and they refund the last month or first if you cancel before 30 days and keep all the stuff and no fees or any bs.I know it's no bs to quit I used my phone in crappiest service and signed up 2x on accident emailed them they refunded it and I kept the one and I will let you know what I think about it since I don't make videos (yet or mabee at all been debating longtime youtube user on the watching side) and your videos have grown on me and I actually enjoy your opinion and videos.Ill comment in a couple more weeks and let you know what I think about the readyman deal.thank you Canadian Prepper for your time making vids.I also have been subbed to some of the same people as you for a long while like irish, sp1 aka david, Maine Prepper (will name since his channel won't be comming back most likely.Its not erased he got it put on suspended so it doesn't show up but no lost footage if he comes back (used his handle because he isn't on anymore while getting better) and others I don't want to put handles up in the comments of someone else.Sorry this turned out to be long again Thank you CP and will let you know in a couple weeks what I think about readyman.

  9. Here did you get it Benin looking on Amazon but can not find it in Canada

  10. Saved Monk Outdoors

    interesting product and great review!


  12. I like the bow it needs  sinew and rawhide  for backing and you don't have to worry about the knots

  13. Shooting a tree is very different than shooting a animal.  In a animal, it will go a lot deeper.

  14. I've, not being getting your videos. I hit subscribe button again. we'll see,                                    bubba

  15. I am impressed with the time and effort you put into testing a $24 item.  Well done.

  16. Autumn Rainwater Ⓥ

  17. Kullcraven Bushcraft

    I have seen this card and thought i love to have one of these and do a video just like this. I'm glad you did this video, awesome job, and well done video as always man. It would work for sure, what is the cutting area. Here you want atleast 7/8 cutting surface to be legal , since you want a slice that large to take bigger game, Cool stuff. tho alot of the primitive points were smaller the 7/8 lol Ya for if you show a razor type modern arrow head into those trees you would destroy the tip, so it held up beter then most modern points for hunting.

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