Wilderness Survival: Bear Grylls Style

Wilderness Survival: Bear Grylls Style

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I spent 5 days at the Bear Grylls Survial Academy in upstate NewYork


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  1. you looks like Magic Johnson.

  2. Inspiring as always!

    Little typo in the desc. bar btw ;)

  3. Nova VanBuren (DearNova)

    How there are only men? Was it just coincidence or are women trained separately? And if so, why?

  4. i didnt even know he had a survival academy lol

  5. MsRainbow Brite

    I was just thinking "Where did Jon go?"

  6. what do worms and bugs taste like? eww…great area, great scenery, too bad they dont use Drones on survival courses :P

  7. Did he really break his leg??

  8. XXxChaoswolfxXX

    hay can u plz make more vids because there so good + keep up the good work

  9. I love your videos! Keep it up man

  10. IDKwhyicanmakethissolong :P

    Hi John

  11. I still have the bear grylls survival game on my ps3

  12. watching this while in my comfy bed lol

  13. This was super cool, i was excited when i saw your Instagram on this!

  14. How do you get to do such cool shit all the time?

  15. Grainne Scullion

    Wow…that looks so awesome! What an experience! Jon you legit have the best life omg

  16. CLICK BAIT IS OVER 9000!!!!

  17. where I live summer just ended

  18. "With Bear Grylls" thats some false advertising ..

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