Wilderness of Canada – Survival Skills and Bushcraft

Wilderness of Canada – Survival Skills and Bushcraft

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Survival in the Wilderness,Trapping, Bush Life and Bush Skills. Drawing water from the creek, cooking over the fire, minus 40 in the winter time. All part of the life on a Canadian Trapline.
Beyond ordinary, life in a trappers small log cabin.
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  1. Thank you for sharing such wonderful video. Yes as we say here , 3 seasons july, August and winter. Cheers from Alberta, Canada 

  2. I enjoyed the video but by golly I sure wouldn't call this survival or bushcraft.Lived in a cabin for years at places like Gang Ranch and Douglas Lake Cattle and enjoyed every bit of it.However packing water to a propane cook stove is a long way from survival or bushcraft.Again I say I did enjoy the vid but really think it needs a different name.

  3. indeed, Canada is a very beautiful country… good that people have time to enjoy its nature and wilderness. thank you for such a great video.

  4. Awesome…I am proud to be Canadian! TY for sharing, and caring for your part of our heritage. I am sure you and Deb are very happy, no distractions, just the two of you. My wife and I share this dream now for 36 year! Cheers!

  5. sylvio cavalcanti

    Very beautiful country Canada is just amazing. ;)

  6. Awesome video. Enjoyed every sec!

  7. This is by far my favorite video on YouTube. I dream about living like this, every night. No exaggeration… What more does a person need? It's how we were all meant to live…great video…thanks :)

  8. Bushcraft Heroes

    Hey there, I really enjoyed this video 🙂 I subbed, all the best!

  9. Now I know why I live in the desert.

  10. Great photography.  And, appreciate how neat and tidy you keep things.  Makes it a pleasure to watch.

  11. Hi,  Love it. I'll be back…

  12. And we get upset if our clicker don't work.  SMILE

  13. beautiful life

  14. LOVE your video & long for the same lifestyle.  I'm 43 & decided a few years ago that this is how I want to live when I retire.  My goal is to have everything set up by the time I am 50.  Not rich & don't make a lot of money, so I'm going to have to do it  piece by piece.  My friends joke that I'm a hoarder, : ) but they need to realize that everything I'm doing & everything stacked up in my garage will be for my dream.  The "hoard" consists of a wall tent, belly stove, kerosene lanterns, hillbilly hot tub, etc etc.  Still in the process of finding the perfect spot before I can apply to purchase the crown land……  Would also like to add, I have obtained my unrestricted & restricted firearms license, my CORE & have a hunter number, as well as my Trapping license.  I have acquired all firearms & traps to hunt & trap & I have been hunting & learning how to process meat for long storage, my jerky is a big  hit : )  Wanting to live off the land & be somewhat self sufficient.

  15. can you please subscribe to my channel.

  16. Fred Little Horse

    That s the Life ! Thanks for sharing this video

  17. wonderful experience and thanks for sharing! this is the way life should be. that's why my wife and I decide to immigrate to Canada. By the way you should have a dog as my recommendation. 

  18. Really enjoyed this. Great video and thanks for sharing.

  19. nice video, i enjoyed it. great music. i subscribed! thanks.

  20. i will  be envited from you for next season, i really enjoy  the kind the life in the bush or jungle.here in Brasil we have many places to be explore yet.WELCOME TO BRASIL.

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