Wild Camp ~ Air Gun Rabbit Hunt ~ Survival Shelter #4

Wild Camp ~ Air Gun Rabbit Hunt ~ Survival Shelter #4

- in Survival Skills

Join me on an over night Summer wild camp ~ Air gun rabbit hunt
July ~ 2015

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Peace & Love
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  1. Nice camp realy nice….

  2. just Awesome …   :)

  3. Justin Bechtold

    what time did u get the bunny

  4. great video mate, nice little camp aswell,

  5. If we are in a region, we can participate in activities together, look forward to

  6. Nice video! Your pack looks a little too big, but as long as you're carrying it, no problem. I really enjoyed watching. Great shooting, We need more people like you on Youtube. Thanks! Would love to have been with you on your adventure.

  7. Jimmy Camilleri

    thanks I enjoyed  this video

  8. The Eternal Shitlord

    Great vid. Great bushcrafting. Subscribed.

  9. Cambodia Fishing & Tourism

    I just finish watched your video it so cool and interested. Hey guy I hope you subscribe my channel and then I will subscribe you back. Thanks in advance!!!!

  10. Check out our forum if your interested in a life beyond governments and money http://wild-camping-uk.freeforums.net

  11. Great location for a camp, hopefully off the beaten track to avoid nosey types. Loved the video Andy. Nice one.

  12. Schmidt Head Productions

    the grouping of your shots around the 12:40 mark are great.

  13. careful using fern for bedding. tick often live in fern.

  14. Grace for the food , enjoy the out doors , real living ,. city life is no life , God bless

  15. Scott Salisbury


  16. David Dickinson

    enjoyed that mate and subscribed.
    Atvb dave

  17. i would trade my house for your camp

  18. That's one big backpack. how many pounds/kilos is it? thanks

  19. Christian Janßen


  20. jKirlys hyggeligf white cats

    good hunt for food,nice video .I love my forest of freedom

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