White Mountains NH – 27th Birthday Hike – Deranged Survival

White Mountains NH – 27th Birthday Hike – Deranged Survival

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Langdon Trail, Mt Parker Trail, Davis Path trail. Hiking on my birthday weekend. Enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. Check out my facebook below for pictures and live updates of my adventures.

Music by: Kevin Pelland

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  1. WoodsTrekka' Adventures

    What a great video! I think you made the right decision to turn around. Better to err on the side of caution rather than get into a potentially bad situation. Live to fight another day right? Take care brother and thanks for sharing.

  2. That was quite an adventure man! Awesome scenery and beautiful views from up above the trees.  Sometimes plans don't work out but you improvised and made it out and still had a fantastic hike. Thanks for sharing the video!

  3. Caveman Outdoors

    Happy Birthday Eric and awesome video I really enjoyed every bit. I've heard some strange things in the middle of no where. The views you had were amazing thanks for sharing your adventure 

  4. SouthPaw Bushcraft

    Happy Birthday Eric!! What a beautiful way to spend your birthday!! That Chaga is incredibly useful it can be charred for fire starting, it can also be drank for tea, it has TONS of healing properties. You should read about it :)

  5. Happy Birthday…  Outstanding Adventure!! ;-)

  6. Trillium is right for the flower.
    Chaga is both a great tea or soup additive as it has tons of nutrients and healthful benefits. And a great fire starter. Better than char cloth, try it sometime.
    Loving the video so far, I'm back to it now. Lol

  7. NorthernOutdoors

    Nice scenery up in those mountains, happy birthday and hope you enjoyed your hike!!!

  8. Good vid !  Happy birthday Deranged !        Jon

  9. Great vid! Gotta check this place out.

  10. Happy 27th! Glad it worked out even with the hydration leak, and moving out of the shelter area. I always pack cold gear for the Whites also. You never know. They do a lot of rescues each year because of people under equipped. Bears can be nusiances, moose are not intelligent, and coyotes unpredicatable. Not much help I am LOL. I don't get to excited but I pack also. Great adventure though, hope you get back up there. Cheers Paul

  11. Flower looks to be painted trillium. As for the coyotes and wolves you need not worry. As for the moose all i know is they are overly aggressive with young and in the rut. If your worried about the bears and other wildlife bear spray is a good choice if your not comfortable with a firearm.

  12. Deranged Survival

    My 27th Birthday Adventure in the White Mountains of NH 

  13. Deranged Survival

    My 27th Birthday Adventure in the White Mountains of NH 

  14. Deranged Survival

    27th Birthday Adventure. White Mountains of NH 

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