What’s In My Bug-Out Bag? Survival Tools And Ideas

What’s In My Bug-Out Bag? Survival Tools And Ideas

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  1. Solan Coutolleau

    lol thats just a bunch of short liived items, a bugout bag should have things that last for a while

  2. you sure are carrying a lot of junk… no offense

  3. Namaste. Well done video. Thank you. You do what few BOBers do, pack things in waterproof bags. This not only keeps things orderly, but it also keeps things DRY in rain and if you cross a stream and your pack gets wet. I would add quite a few items, but rather than list them, I have a web site with free info at BugOutCenter dotcom, with a section on BOB. No products, just info.

  4. talk bout over preparations lol but ya since your a female it's understandable by the way don't trust anyone when shit hits da fan a piece of advice be as cunning as possible

  5. i didnt see any gloves or wool socks n95 masks, did i see 550 cord, or some type of knife, small tarp, Mylar blanket, disposable rain poncho

  6. Patriot4TheTree


  7. What are the iodine tablets going in? How are you cooking the pasta? You don't seem to have any type of decent water container. The fero rods are cool and a great backup but every B.O.B should have at least one good lighter. Others have mentioned a proper cutting tool. Last point, multi vitamins instead of just vitamin C.

    The advice to learn the plant life in your area is invaluable and too often overlooked. A wise man once said, "Knowledge is your greatest tool, and it weighs nothing".

  8. don't forget about your feet, socks you need a change of socks

  9. I like how you have the Salt and Vit C etc…..what do you mean the Blueberries are very important to you ?.

  10. We all should have some sort of a plan and a 72 hour bag. Look at what happen to the people at Ft.McMurry.
    This lady did not have a plan or even a B.O.B. bag.

    To keep up with all the crazy weather that is going on around the world right now & get ideas for you to get Ready, Follow this link. http://fatscooter.freeblog.site/

  11. Logan TheRedOne

    Alcohol based hand sanitizer is great because you can also soak some cotton balls with it and use them as fire starters. People typically rub petroleum jelly into cotton balls before hand but in a pinch this should do fine, especially if you are in a true bug out situation. Also some people suggest a spare change of clothes. Light weight yoga pants and even a wind breaker jacket are nice because you can roll them up and stuff them in a bag pocket or in a large zip lock bag.

  12. Great video. Suggest adding a good fixed blade knife, containers to cook and boil water and cordage with a small roll of guerrilla tape.

  13. wow really cris, your going to make a Bon, fire

  14. great vid all these knuckle heads using military camouflage or tactical bags are going to be the first to get attacked by a mob of people. people need to stop looking so tactical Blend in.

  15. good job girl hot and ready wow cheers

  16. Hi Alotus, how have you been? Really enjoyed this video. Very impressive how much you got into that bag!!! Only a few things I would add…..a nice knife or machete, a small stainless steel cook set and one of those tiny cook stoves and maybe a small fishing kit. Ohhhh and some Para-cord. It can be used for a ton of things! If you do bug out….come up here to the mountains of NC. :-)) Hope all is well – Catch ya late – Ricky :-)

  17. Interesting. Subbed. Will have to check out the rest of the channel. Thank you for sharing. :)

  18. liked your talk very informative lots of good ideas .very smart and beautiful lady.

  19. Impressive. Subbed.

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