What survival kit items can I find at Lowes?

What survival kit items can I find at Lowes?

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Preparedmind101 couldn’t film today like usual. So instead, I worked something in on a trip to Lowes. I decided to try and find everything I could in the store that had a realistic survival kit application. Might be good information for people putting their first kits together, or for something you didn’t think of.




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  1. Orschelns has animal traps that can take a bear goat dog cat dear, possum ect food ready to eat for about – 15-20 bucks, i think i will pick some up also salt licks attract the food to the region like crazy , going to get me some deer licks as well. well i do own a forest so what the hell.

  2. Walmart had 6inch chem sticks for .22 a piece.

  3. SeeTheWholeTruth

    Easiest thing to get, and has the most uses= 18-20''-2000-5000 feet 80 gauge clear plastic wrap. Price range 20-45 dollars from webrestaurant suppliers. The amount of things you can do with this are inumerable. Water collecting, filtering-purifying, fire starter, insulating, yurt within a yurt survival housing, cordage/bow strings, trapping fish or game, wind/fallout barriers, body wrapping, dehydrating, furniture building, hammocks, on and on and on… And no one ever thinks about it, never fails to amaze me. Canoes, kites, windmill blades, winter farming, … So if they dont have it at lowes on a shelf.. go ask the packing manager for their roll.

  4. Good vid brother, showing what u can really find in big box stores. Awesome info. Looking forward to seeing other stores you walk into. Take care. 

  5. With all the stuff they sale you can build a house. 

  6. I went to lowe's one time and they had nothing I was looking for went to Home Depot they had exactly what I was looking for

  7. Ask an employee,if they can survive in the big box shit holes they are doing something right.

  8. Great video, as usual. Well done!
    Dude… this video could have been 12 hours long and you still couldn't cover all the survival stuff at Lowe's… lots of great ideas here, though! Thanks!

  9. lmaooo "chris tanner, local terrorist" that would make headlines!

  10. To the not to far leftist and beyond, we Liberty Lovers Constitution Believers are all out to stop them, therefore we must be terrorist.  Screw them.

  11. home depot is better…. we have a lowes around here. ive called to make sure they had a part before, they said yes, get there and they dont have em and never have…. and half the time you ask what isle something is in theyre wrong

  12. VERY helpful. Thank you

  13. Sargeant Hammer

    Wow dude, make up your mind, Orange Tape or Camo Paint, Which one ? I'll bet you use both together Right ? Anyone who has to go to your neighborhood Lowe's for Bug-Out or Survival gear should just STAY HOME until it's over.  By the way ALL Veterans show your V.A. Card and get 10% discount at LOWE'S and HOME DEPOT.    SEMPER FI Mac !

  14. you look like robert downy Jr accept for the beard

  15. you look like robert downy Jr accept for the beard

  16. jeremiah hirzel

    Should have found rat traps for small game but other than that good job

  17. Hoffa DA Monster . ENY

    Thank u for the info

  18. Thank you but luck has nothing to do with it.

  19. I was wondering what happened to pee wee Herman? You had me up to the point that you said gd. Have some video ethics. I practice survival with my nine year old and do not allow him to listen to such language.

  20. Great Vids, and good luck on the job you went for

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