What Is the Best Survival Kit

What Is the Best Survival Kit

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In this video Jeff discusses a few tools you can add to your kit. These items will making woodcrafting much easier in the field.
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  1. Here in Michigan an axe/ hatchet is almost more important than a knife. In certain areas you'd be foolish to not carry one. 

  2. a hand axe is a great weapon if you need food as well

  3. Freedom Fighter

    survival is nice especially when you just jump in your jeep at the end of a filming so you can hit  starbucks before home

  4. Think the title should of been "what tools I carry" as it didn't cover anything about a survival kit as you only covered different options of cutting tools…
    And for a "survival kit" a knife is sufficient, as you need to keep it compact so you can always carry it on your person if you wander off, what you described is what you would have in your pack and not in your survival kit.

  5. Survival is the ability to make ALL the RIGHT decisions, ALL THE TIME.

    BUSH Craft is NOT survival. MOST of the world is urban city.

  6. TheStoyanbahchevanov

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, with best wishes.

  7. You're right, those clippers are ratchet.

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