What is the best survival food?

What is the best survival food?

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A look at various survival foods, and I give my humble opinion as to what the best survival food is! It may surprise you that I go against the tradition prepper advice and go with an easy to prepare, easy to put in a bug out bag food


  1. HATE Rice, LOVE Peanut Butter. I also have crackers for it..

  2. Jennifer Johnston


  3. When I was younger and seriously budget challenged I got into the habit of stirring in a spoonful or two of peanut butter into my breakfast oatmeal.  Made it taste better and added good stuff to get going for the day.  Peanut butter is still a favorite food group at 50 plus.    *grin*

  4. I totally agree. Also, rice and maybe barley powder for the green. Thanks.

  5. Peanut butter rules lol!

  6. just shoot some squirels or eat your neighbor no problem. peanut butter makes you thirsty no way hozay. just eat your children young and tasty.

  7. Stuff you like to eat… It must Taste good..

  8. Absolutely the best survival guide ever: http://bit.do/thelostways
    Thank you Gregory ! :)


  10. china rice that does not soften is plastic bits 2005 they were charged.

  11. Debora Tessman-Mc Kenna

    I always use peanut butter on the mouse traps. It works!

  12. Being Indian and having to eat rice a lot is so boring and went you say that I laughing so hard. lol

  13. Michael Houston

    "Rice gets boring…",…silly hauoli. ,…rather pack peanut butter than rice ? ,…hehehe, …wow.

  14. i thought this was going to be a good video for survival food but all you talk about is peanut butter yes its good but there is more out there

  15. we get it you love peanut butter

  16. My choices are: whole grain wheat (stores for decades, inexpensive; can be sprouted as a vitamin-rich alternative to fresh greens; wheat grain can be simmered as an alternative to brown rice), rolled oats (another nutritious and inexpensive whole grain),  dried lentils (cooks in 20 min, does not need to be soaked, lentils + wheat or oats = complete protein), dried milk (calcium, protein), cane sugar (easy to digest, highly caloric, makes most food taste better, stores indefinitely), iodized salt (inexpensive, stores indefinitely, makes most food taste better, prevents goiter), powdered eggs (expensive but is useful in baking; good protein), small glass bottles of olive oil (will only store about 4 yrs under ideal conditions; dietary fat is essential for vitamin absorption) and small glass jars of coconut oil (expensive but dietary fat is essential), and assorted dehydrated and freeze-dried veggies to add flavor and texture to meals made mostly of legumes and whole grains.

  17. Conspiracy Terrorist

    I was thinking peanut butter was a great survival food myself. .TONS of calories, protein and fat.. good stuff.

  18. To much peanut butter, like daily can lead to appendicitis but nut proteins are good for you.

  19. how can anyone hate peanut butter?? omg i could easily live off it.. and hazlenut butter too. yum yum

  20. Flat Broke Frank

    I hate peanut butter!

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