What is the Best Fire Starter for Wilderness Survival? Equip 2 Endure

What is the Best Fire Starter for Wilderness Survival? Equip 2 Endure

- in Survival In Mountains

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Well, we have had the debate back and forth on which is the Best Fire Starter! So Robby and I decided to test out 8 different fire Starting Materials, comparing burn time, heat produced, and of course cost to you. Find out which one was the winner, between, trioxane, Ignite-O, Hexamine, Home made cotton discs, Mini-Inferno, Wet-Fire, Eagle One Chrome Cloth, and Jute Twine.
Product Links

Trioxane: http://amzn.to/GT4MGz
Ingnite-O: http://amzn.to/GRYf16
Hexamine: http://amzn.to/GSmTgW
Wet-Fire: http://amzn.to/u4PsHA

IGKNIGHT Fire Gear: http://www.igknightfiregear.com
Live Fire: www.LiveFireGear.com
Equip 2 Endure
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  1. What about a fire piston

  2. Do you think you can you can help with economical issues? 

  3. Thanks almost winter this should help us.

  4. X2 on the hex amine!

  5. h.e.x.a.m.i.n.e baby !
    how much per tabs ? 10 cents ?

  6. Equip 2 Endure LLC

    Thanks for watching

  7. great video …keep up the good work.and thank you for the all the time you spend making videos we all enjoy

  8. Call me crazy but Id have to say a lighter 😛

  9. Thank you for your answer. You got a new subscribers. Find your videos very helpful 🙂 I made a mistake with my given link. Sepp has two channels, one for German follower and one for English follower. Its English channel is only Waldhandwerk, without Sepp. He is a very nice guy and is happy about any contact, so I drew attention to him. He will certainly be pleased about a contact with you.

  10. Equip 2 Endure LLC

    Sounds like well rounded training, Thanks for watching.

  11. I'm Bushcraft beginner and enjoy learning. Your test is very useful for me. For my training I always go prepared to the forest. Fire starters are included. I collect, for example, thistle flowers as quick fire starter and so that I feed cotton pads that I have soaked to 3/4 full with liquid wax or Vaseline before. The most useful things I learned from Sepp Waldhandwerk on YouTube This includes also stone hitting with charred cotton cloth and fire drill, fire plow and a lot of edible wild plants.

  12. Equip 2 Endure LLC

    Having a Plan B is great, but that still does not explain your reasons for questioning our motives for testing products to serve as Plan A.

  13. You could always gather pine sap and roll cotton balls in it, pack them in a baggie and take with you. Pine sap will light in any condition, is easy to find, and a piece the size of a regular cotton ball will burn 10-15 minutes, at a very high temp guaranteeing your fire will start.

  14. It seems you have misunderstood me. I never said having a fire starter kit is a bad thing I was pointing out that there is a chance that gear could be lost and people need know how to make fire without it cuz its not like they can run down to walmart and buy another one. Knowing how to utilize the tools nature provides is just as important as any kit bcuz you always need something to fall back on. If saying having a plan b is nonsense so be it cuz fire is far to important not to have a fallback.

  15. Equip 2 Endure LLC

    Any survival instructor will tell you that your life is worth too much to chance not having a absolute certain method of fire with you. Again, if you feel that we are wrong on this (as well as every other dedicated instructor for basic survival that we know) please make a video showing it, otherwise any thing you say that goes against the safety of the individuals reading your comments will be taken as the danger they are. No hostility intended to you, just the nonsense you are saying.

  16. I don't get why u r being so hostel towards me? Any survivalist worth their weight will tell u that survival is all about having the ability to adapt to the environment and/or circumstances. Yeah retail tender might work everytime u use it but whats to say u will have it when u need it? All ure gear including ure retail firestarter could have been washed down river. The best fire starter for wilderness survival is knowledge to make a fire from whats found in nature.

  17. what ones can you like will a feral rod? and maybe if it has gotten wet? dont always have a grill lighter in a survival situation.

  18. Equip 2 Endure LLC

    We fully agree on the point that Survival is about worst case, and wish you the best in the gathering and processing of materials with cold shaky hands, while trying to move around with a broken leg. I think we will continue to practice our primitive skills to become accomplished woodsmen, while making sure we have the solid insurance of manufactured tender with us to ensure our fire in life or death situations. Please feel free to make a video showing proper methods so that we can all learn.

  19. Why the focus on fire starters you have to buy? Surviving is about making use of whats around you not buying stuff.. What would you do if you got lost in the forest and didnt have your nifty lil fire starters or if you are there for a extended period and the kits run out? Shaving bark gathering spanish moss and identifing which stones you need to make sparks is what survival fire starting is all about cuz survival is all about worst case scenarios.

  20. what's the name of the song that is in all of his videos?

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