Warmest Winter Survival Shelter – Deep In Bear Country

Warmest Winter Survival Shelter – Deep In Bear Country

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This is an extremely warm survival shelter that will keep you warm and dry in the worst winter conditions. Fairly easy to make, and they last a long very long time with little maintenance. We built this thing well off the beaten path in the heart of Wolf and Bear Country!!
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  1. I call bullshit! Nobody takes a high powered rifled with a scope to fend off a wolf attack! What was your real intent?

  2. Painful on the ears… That start up Music choice just sucked for me brother …

  3. david john Huxtable

    next time light a fire up and put the thermometer into the video
    i feel cheated
    outa seeing it in operation this is only half a video
    i want to see you fighting off vicous wolfpacks from the door of that sweatbox only dressed in a towel!! using your sauna gear?
    nice native american idea?
    how does the smoke get out i didnt see a chimney or roof vent?

  4. Likes everyone to see lots of his gun

  5. Snow snakes one needs to keep his eye peeled for snow snakes and wampums cats!,,

  6. good video! how does one move the hot rocks?

  7. nice ideas
    thanks dear hunter

  8. very cool thanks for the video .

  9. Hi i have a good way of your idea with the field rocks and another way from a log fire that burns all night.It would take way to long to explain in detail so here is a short version.You have a fire pit with holes that go under to center of the shelter put the field .rocks in fire pit suspended at the bottom the rocks heat up from the fire the heat travels up the holes to the shelter .you would need to bring a carbon monoxide detector to know your safe to test ……..It would be like start the fire that's it.the heat from the fire and rocks travel up the holes to the shelter..

  10. Some chicks

  11. i didn't see a vent for the smoke.so how can you build a fire in a sweat lodge like this and still be able to stay in it while you have camp fire

  12. Wolves belong in the forest…you don't!

  13. I guess the camera man isn't concerned that this guy is pointing a gun at him LOL geesh what a idiot

  14. want it warmer with less grandfathers? lower the height.

  15. sweat lodge turned shelter aye? lolComplete with grandfathers

  16. What about ventilation while fire is burning ??

  17. any sand nearby ? you could run several trenches off the pit fill with sand to heat the perimeter

  18. What's with the gun? The bears are hibernating.

  19. Don't you need an exit hole for the smoke from the fire ?

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