War in America and WW3, What is your survival plan?

War in America and WW3, What is your survival plan?

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War in America and WW3, What is your survival plan?

No plumbing, no heat, no gas, no water…now what? Word from the LORD JESUS: When the MARK OF THE BEAST rises…. https://youtu.be/Ol7WYLWcdnE


  1. They are trying to destroy the Temple of God, which is your body if you are born again. Even if you are not either. God said don't worry, so don't. God Bless……Now for the American in me. Food, water ( method to collect it and purify it),.shelter, sanitation, and security. We all know what that means. Buy a pellet gun at least.

  2. My God, It's Full of Stars

    I don't even think U.S. cities have sirens anymore. We will all be dead. They don't even have to nuke cities. Just nuke the power plants & dams & watch Americans kill eachother.

  3. Peace, you cunts are the ones that start all the wars why have you not marched on DC and demand an end to all the wars.No you christians are all talk no fucken action.Hope you people get what you deserve.They were labour camps you brainwashed idiot.Your christ is not coming wake the fuck up.Their is no GOD.

  4. No one is going anywhere until after the Tribulation..Stop spreading LIES!!!

  5. boy free will you hot save your self lmao omg wake up bra

  6. are you really this stupit

  7. to kill you

  8. are you stupid God is not going to save you at all dummy they made that Bible jack ass man made that book it a blue print dummy

  9. we can dig a hole in the ground ( old faithful ) build an small fire pit , catch rain water, easy for anyone to do to help each other and prayers. in bad times people should work together

  10. erich devillene

    Before WW3, it is necessary to locate the elite's bunkers…
    In their bunkers, there are food, water and all necessary to live…but it will be not easy to enter …

  11. My Obama Dreams:
    Dream Visions Sept 8 2016: Obama gets inner dragon on https://youtu.be/PBQJ8dxYLiE

    Dream vision: Obama and the Red Nachash https://youtu.be/kmdWBX2U9lE

    Flash vision: Obama with alien https://youtu.be/LibZytVNngM

    DREAM: satan AI (artificial intelligence) in Obama https://youtu.be/tNhvzf143hs

    Dream about Obama and dream about people being left behind https://youtu.be/dqIlyOJ0IXw

  12. Dream vision: State run execution center https://youtu.be/XK1oR8KDDnI
    "The PLAN" The reality…People are sleeping!!! https://youtu.be/8eePTFoZ1f4
    Agenda 2030 on Technology and Genetics Part 1 https://youtu.be/Dewhd_eXU44
    Agenda 2030 on Technology and Genetics Part 2 https://youtu.be/UysHJd0kbR0

  13. Altering Creation thru Chemtrails, Smart Dust & Morgellons https://youtu.be/WMJSn6FTmqg
    You have destroyed America, you must be proud https://youtu.be/Ib0UM2E9jrU
    Discoveries thru the Holy Spirit Saturday April 30 2016 https://youtu.be/5omRYMCs4R8

  14. Obama explains prolonged detention (FEMA) Camps https://youtu.be/bBsL5fURHiA

    Camps for adults…AKA Concentration camps https://youtu.be/kaP0VPLZMAE

  15. @10:29 that's me everyday :)

  16. Word from the LORD JESUS: When the MARK OF THE BEAST rises…. https://youtu.be/Ol7WYLWcdnE

  17. Get to know the real american president: https://youtu.be/RhVhX25szCc

  18. Change Is Coming

    This is 100% TRUTH.

  19. I prayed for this video to go viral.To wake up the sleeping people to the reality at hand.You covered a lot of stuff here.Good
    on ya mate !!!

  20. Excellent video brother….so true! People have no idea what is coming…God have mercy upon them.

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