UST Survival Tools Video

UST Survival Tools Video

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Originally designed for the world’s most elite agencies operating in the toughest conditions on earth, Ultimate Survival Technologies has camping gear now available for all you outdoor enthusiasts, whether you backpack and go hiking on the weekend or you are fanatical about mountain climbing. Ultimate Survival Technologies has the easiest and most reliable fire starters, tinder that burns while wet, signaling devices that wont scratch or break, and hand chainsaws that make light work of tough wood. Our essential, and potentially lifesaving accessories will have you showing off for friends. Next time you venture into the wild make sure you are prepared with top of the line camping gear from Ultimate Survival Technologies. These tools exceed the highest standards for both workmanship and dependability.


  1. That was just funnie

  2. If you're not wearing gloves, and you use the blast match, you burn injure your reaming good hand. Burns can become infected easily in the outdoors.

  3. I just got my Strike Force in the mail today. Sat in the living room with a pan and some tinder and was lighting stuff on fire. Love it and cant wait to get outside.

  4. Prestin Gillespie

    I want the Sabercut Saw!! And all of these items would help if you have them!

  5. @bushcraftourway yo mom!

  6. everyone of these item is useful if carried

  7. bushcraftourway

    im verry old fationed, flint and steel and amado or charcloth for me

  8. bushcraftourway

    ust is GAY

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