Unturned 3.0 Survival Guide: The Basics Of Survival (Updated)

Unturned 3.0 Survival Guide: The Basics Of Survival (Updated)

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Hey guys, today I am going to bring you an updated version of my Unturned 3.0 Ultimate Survival Guide. In this video I am going to show you guys how to survive in Unturned 3.0 on PEI map. I hope you guys enjoy, and I hope this helps you guys out! If it does, please like and subscribe!

To participate in Unturned 3.0 test:
1. Right click “Unturned” in your Steam library
2. Choose “Properties”
3. Click “Betas” tab
4. Enter code:”OPERATIONMAPLELEAF” and then click “Check Code” button
5. Select from the dropdown list and pick “Preview – public test”
6. Let Steam update Unturned
7. Run Unturned

Unturned is a zombie survival sandbox with crafting, building, driving, shooting, and awesomeness! It feels like ROBLOX + Dayz + Minecraft!
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  1. What is the intro song?

  2. how do u open ammo box

  3. And where to find it?

  4. What backpack do you use?

  5. hey can i play the game with you and record it

  6. Hey man great video we should record together, I have almost 600 subs so we could help each other grow. Add me on steam it's the same as my YouTube.

  7. Wanna play together my Skype is dankmemes420cheetos or just dankmeme420cheetos
    My steam is But $20 is $20

  8. RoboKast Gaming

    Thanks for watching. If you have any requests for an Unturned video you wan't me to make then leave them in the comments below! Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed!

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