Universal Socket: Urban Survival Tools

Universal Socket: Urban Survival Tools

- in Survival Skills

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Thanks to the feedback of subs I have added a new tool to the urban survival roll, it is the gator grip universal socket.

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  1. My girlfriend is my universal socket

  2. The background is annoying, distracts from the video, and in short it sucks.

  3. i think you should ditch the multi tool hammer, and your folding pry bar and get a 12oz ballpein hammer with a wood handle , a 8in chanellock wide jaw crescent wrench, catspaw style pry bar that has a nail noch on the side with the 90 and a shallow bend on the other. they may be heavier but in my opinion much more useful tools. another tool you could add would me a small hacksaw just my opinion

  4. Hey here's another thing you can add collapsible binoculars to it.

  5. Niiiice! Good idea!

  6. Bradley Reynolds

    An S hook that can be found on any end of a tarp strap.

  7. Bradley Reynolds

    a flash drive that can carry 1000000 gazillion books.

  8. Bradley Reynolds

    a heavy duty plastic bag.

  9. That could be a good add to go with the blow torch:

  10. A prepper wans to have every prep for every thing and every situation . A bug out bag can be to full and to heavy for a prepper  to carry . Malty tools are great for that . You would not want to carry a full socket set . A couple of gator grips N P .

  11. Nice one, was news for me.  I've got myself plenty of tools, so wouldn't dream of not using the right sized socket or spanner, though I can see how it might be useful for a bug out situation.

  12. Love those things!  (The Gator one).  I just have the two sizes I found at Walmart.  They are great.  Been using mine for years with no problems at all. 

  13. As a former automotive tech that has tried it .my opinion is it is garbage . First attempt with it had to apply some torque to the bolt head it sheared off all the pins inside .you would be better off with a set of flat jawed vice grips.

  14. Can even use propane for brazing. I've been doing some research on the subject. Even found some rods that work with propane.

  15. love your channel more and more as you test stuff I have on my to buy list lol

  16. That's a cool tool. I have seen them but been afraid to try one.  Might have to rethink that.  Be nice to keep in the car for emergencies…..take up less room then a full set

  17. Keep the silcock, that socket looks better than I thought it was, the torch tip, not sure. You can get a small torch that would work for awhile. I figure if you find a propane or butane tank a torch tip would not be far away. Nice video. Looks very clear and good info. As usual.

  18. Urban Survivalcraft

    It wont replace your silcock key.

  19. Hey! Thanks for the shoutout, CP! I think that the Gator socket would work well in a pinch but not as a everyday used item. For a survival tool roll like you have, which is awesome BTW, I think it would make a nice addition to your tool capabilities. I like how you showed it with that hook. Very cool!

  20. Excellent tool and video,  please speak to a local small engine mechanic, he or she would know the best tools to repair small repair/emergency  I only know USA

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