Umbrella & Poncho Storm-proof Survival Shelter

Umbrella & Poncho Storm-proof Survival Shelter

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Setting up a storm-proof survival shelter using an umbrella and a simple poncho.


  1. Very interesting set up. Do you use the umbrella as a walking stick?

  2. Good setup Suzanne…I use my golf umbrella here on Vancouver Island in a sea kayaking environment and it is super useful for sun shade, rain shade, wind block, walking stick, kayak sail. A true multi-use gear element which can give you a lot of comfort in extreme conditions of all sorts! Convergent evolution – many gear heads like us come to the same conclusion about "brollies". People look at you funny, then they realize they want one. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for posting. I thought I was only one who took a golf umbrella and used it for shelter. One other thing I do is to put a cane tip on unbrella so that I may also use it as a walking stick.

  4. Survivalist Preppers For Jesus

    Your poncho looks much longer than a regular poncho. Where did you get such a useful poncho?

  5. Survivalist Preppers For Jesus

    You're the best minimalist camping with style. Bravo! Matching camo will make it disappear and you might not find your own camp.

  6. I'm going to make a tyvek bivy where you just pop a umbrella in it put a tipper on the bottom to get in and keep animals and bugs out!

  7. great idea Susanne,anything to get out of the rain and the mind kicks in with what you've got ,if you don't mind me asking whats your honest opinion on the king size jerven before I part with the cash,have you used it in anger in really foul weather as in the wet type not just cold weather and snow ,as ive seen the other vids and you looked happy in them  climates,being in the mountain terrain in the north of wales I can see it will come in handy and prob save my life on a bad day out but as always in the uk we get more than enough rain ,thanks for the tips !!

  8. very clever full respect for inotive thinking, over here in street talk they would call that liquid thinking 🙂 great informative video thanks for sharing take care atb daz

  9. is where you need to look. I am a umbrella fan myself. they work from sun to snow, wind and rain. I do not know about camouflage though. I do like the videos I have seen.

  10. Great idea.  In the states we have a camp chair with an umbrella thing on and I have many time thought about doing something similar; however your way is much more practical.  Thanks

  11. Umbrellas break and when they do they're hard to repair. Would not like to rely on one for part of my shelter. Also, how do you get in and out of this thing?

  12. Brilliant! thanks for showing!

  13. Hey says the Canadian !
    Always seem to amaze me. You climb up mountain, in your back yard, and that only whit a Kleenex, dental flaw, one cardboard match no striker, little peanut Swiss knife, a power bar. keep them coming bush girl. for the poncho tried wallmart…lol

  14. This is a terrific idea, cheers from British Columbia Canada.

  15. taxlawSEAL Steuerberater

    Survival Mac gyver umbrella

  16. Alan-Michael Dotson

    If you are interested in a poncho you might want to look into a legit us army surplus woodland poncho on eBay. It costs around $30 us currency plus shipping. Also you can configure it many ways ranging from a raised jungle bed to a plow point shelter between trees or whatever is available at that time. Look at this video link if you are interested.

  17. Sieht gemütlich aus:)

  18. Possibility of snakes or other critters with all sides open?

  19. that's a really good idea

  20. Super en leerzaam om te zien dit groetjes uit Nederland

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