U.S and Philippine Marine Corps Trained to Survive in the Jungle

U.S and Philippine Marine Corps Trained to Survive in the Jungle

- in Survival In The Jungle

Trained to make fire, hunt for food, a snake viand, making trap and more.. All in jungle survival training between US and The Philippines Armed Force.

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31st MEU Marines Learn Jungle Survival in the Philippines

Some video of Armed forces of the Philippines training exercises are not publish in this Channel. To keep updated and view all video feel free to visit this website @ http://www.bhugzzfire.com
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  1. kopasus indonesia is the one army

  2. Better the government feed the Army good food, l have seen the Army without food after a day of fighting, makes me sick to think that is how the government looks after its troops.

  3. Nikita Khrushchev

    Could have used this in Vietnam hahahhaa

  4. Imeldacz40 Dacatimban

    its shows hw the filipinos can survive any where thy are very smart.. MABUHAY PO KAYO!!

  5. This shows how useful and versatile bamboos can really be.

  6. American Marines, they have their own catering company with them..lol

  7. OboSoma brBlackoma (official Gov of USA)

    Look at these fags -_-

  8. USMC Orah

  9. THE BEST :D

  10. What doesn't kill you , eat it……….

  11. Tive  a Opurtunidade de Trabalhar com o Exercito Philippines,os Caras Sao Exelentes Profissionais Nao e a Toa Que Eles Faziam  a Guarda do Force Comander Da Missao de Paz No Haiti!!!!

  12. Kyle YouDontNeedToKnow

    That was the US Marine Corps, not Army.

  13. Darrel Bautista

    The best jungle survival training =)

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