True Survival Shelter For Surviving Cold Nights

True Survival Shelter For Surviving Cold Nights

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An easy to make shelter that will definitely keep you toasty warm even when it is cold. Lonnie shows step by step how this shelter is made. Enjoy
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  1. This  video  makes a lot of  sense getting  through one night at a time .I  will check out some  space blankets  cheers

  2. Brennaan McGeoghegan

    that mite not seem like a logic shelter to sum but if he wanted to spend 3 days and was 20yrs old use strings holes shovel dig make a bed shelter with a frame a ton of wood and material you just wasted all your energy material and firewood in your general area not to mention im sure they would show or teach you to use your "SPACE BLANKET" keyword space BLANKET! for a roof or a wall to reflect heat then gather rocks build a fire not to mention in a rain storm wet cloths after all day hike or a injury or lost in the woods no food cold wet tired and you still havent made your bow hand drill and traps that you watched sumone make on youtube all that in a survival situation rite cuz when you have to do all of this and apply all of this because you get lost in your backyard carry your cooler warm cloths your toolbox lighter tv rope with a sleeping bag that is a awful lot of weight and stuff to get lost in your backyard with my point being if you are the unfortunate enough one to have the cloths on your back and your normal napsack then he is showing you the fundamentals of survival i mean seriously ohh! that isnt survival you are supposed to be in the middle of the jungle or desert 3000 miles from your home lost NOW THAT IS SURVIVAL! DONT YOU WATCH T,V! what dont you get about NAKED AND AFRAID! NAKED AND AFRAID! 1 item that is it!!! now seriously it took this man a hour thats it rate b4 the rain if you have the skills to do better in the same amount out of time with no supplies then your the only one stupid enough to know all of them skills and be dumb enough to be that smart aware and ignorant enough to be that ill prepared shame on u ppl think if they watch enough tv and ppl do it on youtube then you can do it better well if so teach us how you do it better and different then the 1000s of shows or videos and to that far north survival thank you that was a very good and very different yet simple and realistic presentation it honestly makes me lol cuz after watching all the videos online i have completely forgot that it is a survival blanket not a roof or wall to a giant of a shelter it makes me chuckle i would be curled up in a ball freezing laying on the ground looking at my spruce branch shelter and space blanket wall shivering wet cuz its raining and cold cuz while i was spending the day building a shelter with all my energy stacking and bending all the firewood and kinlin on my shelter putting all the insalation on the walls and roof sleeping and not under me on the dirt kicking myself in the ass cuz i diddnt have the time energy and wood to start a fire instead of laughing at this video i would be warm and bundled up and dry thankyou for taking the time reminding me of the basics instead of a cool field trip or challenge thanks buddy

  3. 14:20….. "The size of your Rocks"? H m m m m m….

  4. The Game Destroyers

    Love the video thanks.

  5. This is a true shelter, not allowing much space for the heat to get distrubuted around. Is this space blanket strong? Will it tear or get poked due to hard branches, toenails or shoe heels? Thank you

  6. Great video Lonnie. Personally, Id spend the 2 hours it took to warm the rocks with preparing additional cover but thats just me I suppose. The bed you've created would be fantastic inside a lean-two or leaf mound but if time and the elements are against you, what youve shown is a great starting point. Thanks for the post. The one thing that you mentioned that had not occurred to me was the humidity. Great point! Thanks again.

  7. sounds like archer


  9. I teach Wilderness Survival for the local Sheriff's Office and plan on incorporating your concept in my material.  Can I have your permission?

  10. I've used the pine bows under a sleeping bag in the summer for comfort, worked great. Great idea about the rocks and space blankets for warmth in cold weather. Thanks for the info.

  11. So nothing to help protect against predators at all?

  12. Nawras Al-Abbas

    Than you very much. Very inspiring, indeed.

  13. It does remind me of Jeremiah Johnson. hmmmm

  14. thedrloboski stevens

    We did something like that once on a high peak, was great till a storm came in at midnight and rain and a wind of over 70 mph. ripped those space blankets to shreds So we got good and wet and used the sleeping bags as wet suits, secret was to not move. I moved once just to feel how cold it was and it was like someone poring ice water on you.

  15. Thanks for the video 🙂 Space blankets and poly sheets are greatly undervalued by most people and, while they are not a shelter I would like by choice (damp, fragile, etc) they are beautifully light and easy to carry in a pocket.Duct tape can make loops on the edges of the sheet so it can be staked out like a tarp, making it more useful as a heat reflector and better able to shed condensation away from the body when stretched taught. Since I usually also carry a poncho tarp and a few metres of 3mm shock cord I can almost always set out a basic shelter quickly.

  16. lonnie's breathing sounds like there is a rock on his chest.

  17. Hey great video , in a colder night you can berry some of the dying coals on the side of the rocks and keep em warmer for many hours.3 inches or 4 should be awesome

  18. Ill have to try something like this when winter comes around. The only thing here is it rains in winter often and you'd most likely get wet in that. Would probably have to build a lean to version of this with fire in front and some thernal walls. Good vid tho
    Cheers Dave from BC Bushcraft, check out my channel sometime

  19. Like a bake potato.

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