Travel safety, Guns and survival tools I made.

Travel safety, Guns and survival tools I made.

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Travel safety, Guns and survival tools I made.

I have been asked so many times do I carry a weapon for safety in my travels. I do not. For the past six years, no gun, but since I have been home I have made some survival tools for my next travesl along with a gun to carry. . Is it right, I dont know, but I have had times when i would have felt safer with one at my side.
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  1. Francisco Franco

    Awesome video

  2. Holy crap he was swinging that hatchet and shotgun around everywhere I mean I know the gun was unloaded but his neighbors don't

  3. Those old Stevens with the plastic tennite stocks are rather uncommon and bring a premium price especially if the stock is in nice condition, lots are cracked or warped. Sort of a shame you cut it up.
    I get it that short barrel shotguns are neato but a longer barrel with a choke makes for a more useful gun in almost every case. 

  4. Lokhuhuhuh

  5. Dude, I don't see why you don't have more views.

  6. What is your next adventure ????????

  7. You could do a cut shell with that shotgun. If you're out of deer slugs you can slice almost all the way around the shell above the brass, then it will fire the entire shell out the end of the gun.

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