Top Ten Wilderness Survival Tools for a Tight Budget

Top Ten Wilderness Survival Tools for a Tight Budget

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Top Ten List
10- Flashlight
9- Compact Shovel
8- Duct Tape
7- Pliers
6- Paracord
5- Hatchet
4- Projectile Weapon
3- Fire Starter
2- Knife
1- Knowledge and Training

Link to SensiblePrepper Duct Tape uses:
and to his Paracord uses video:


  1. You did forget one thing that is a metal container for boiling it can also cook

  2. Oh, Pliers and duct tape? Projectile weapon? OMG…..LOL

    Where do you people come from? Oh, I know, you people are the ones I keep having to rescue from the Sierras every other year……

  3. 1. lighter
    2. 2 large thick garbage bags
    3. 10,000 calories of candy bars or other compact food that will not give you the shits.
    4. chunk of pool chlorine.
    5. compass

    Wilderness survival? What's that? Live long term in the wild?

    Hatchet? Ever cut wood with a hatchet? You can cut 10x more 2x faster with a 12" bow saw blade.
    Shovel? I won't even comment on that since it's so ridiculous.

  4. Joshuah “Wildman” Moran

    Pretty decent list dude

  5. great Choice's my friend , just goes to show you dont have to break the bank!

  6. I agree, knowledge and training is the number one survival tool at any situation and definatly is cheap, the only thing it really cost you is your time. 

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