Top 50 Craziest Football Skills Ever

Top 50 Craziest Football Skills Ever

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Top 50 Craziest Football Skills Ever

Best Football Skills, Assists and Goals ever featuring Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Neymar, Zinedine Zidane, Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale, Pele, Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard, Angel di Maria and more…
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  1. the best 4 players I love they are
    Messi. …Ronaldinho. .
    Ronaldo Brazil. and inesta.

  2. aaaahhhhrrrriiiixxxxx–nnnnooooovvvvaaaa

  3. What about Pione Sisto, look after him.

  4. Haha Balo is funny

  5. 역시 마무리는 발로텔리갓

  6. Ronaldinhonun Çalımı Emre Çolağın Kardemir Karabük'e attığı ile aynı yada Selçuğun Alper Potuğa attığı. Ama O Ronaldinho

  7. Nnj

  8. Hhhh

  9. Aii Nice video men!

  10. .*&^&$£'%96$#%88%$3£_'÷"¥

  11. Please, participate in the fallopian

  12. Renato KOVAČIČ

    yannic bolasie future legend ;)

  13. 날두랑 즐라탄 실패했을때ㅜ개귀엽다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  14. Wheres Zlatans man…?

  15. The Balotelli fail is still the best of all time

  16. Matthew Hoffman

    All of Ronaldinhos were over rated by a mile

  17. Brandon Benitez

    as it is called the music of the part of special skill

  18. @10:01 Hahaha Ibras reaction xD

  19. qfus bambilshadog

    What is the music for the 'fails' part ? btw nice compilation

  20. in the fails when the guy at 10:26 did a 360 I couldn't stop laughing

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