Top 10 Real Life Survival Movies

Top 10 Real Life Survival Movies

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These tales are especially bone chilling because they really happened. Join as we count down the top 10 greatest real life survival movies.


  1. I personally like rescue dawn better then 127 hours but I can see why they would put it lower.

  2. ilovecake andcandy

    isn't 127 hours a little to long for a movie ?

  3. Aron

  4. OfficialToxicEnergyGaming


  5. I Love 124 hr's #Best Movie Ever

  6. I Think 'Into The Wild' Was The Best Movie…………..

  7. Where is movie "The Grey" ?

  8. Luis Eduardo Bauth

    into the wild, the best

  9. Seriously? They made a movie about the scuba diving thing? That was pathetic. I couldn't STAND Melissa.

  10. Your top 10 movies lists are obviously the worst .


    "touching the void" is the greatest one

  12. qazi mohammed Raza

    cast away the best

  13. I knew that was going to be number one! James Franco was absolutely brilliant in 127 hours.

  14. Texas Chainsaw #D should have been number one because you actually have to try to survive the movie. It actually makes you feel like you are going to die if you ingest anymore of it's god awful "script", dialog or acting.

  15. Where the hell is Lone Survivor?!

  16. Unbroken 2014 movie

  17. I love the movie 129 Hours. My favortite movie

  18. DiamondMasterGaming

    aron raltson they went to explore it arfter he made it out in real life found hakd is arm and hand

  19. What about unbroken

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