The Try Guys Ocean Survival Food Taste Test // Sponsored by The Shallows

The Try Guys Ocean Survival Food Taste Test // Sponsored by The Shallows

- in Survival Skills

The Try Guys eat raw clams and mussels, fish eyes, and live crabs to see if they can stomach living off the ocean.
Sponsored by The Shallows, in theaters June 24th!

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  1. 0:35 look how proud he looks .lol

  2. princess starlight


  3. I love Ned on the surviving for a day he was like dinosaur I miss my wife he's so funny

  4. Janniboy “abcnon” lp

    1:43 my preciousssss

  5. why is is cruel to kill and eat a crab. Do they not eat seafood or any other meat?

  6. I actually threw up during this…..

  7. What swiss army knife was that?

  8. you know those crabs totally got eaten the moment they went in the water

  9. bonbonthepokemon

    The slurp noise made me throw my phone

  10. Fish eyes: Eeeeeeew

  11. Danisuperman 111

    Hulk need try guy eat crabs

  12. I gagged just watching them eat

  13. Snow Pearl (雪珍珠)

    I love fish eyes
    just cooked though…

  14. Nadja Jovanovic

    Why are you kill animals for fun?

  15. LittleBFFforlife

    I was barfing while laughing when Eugene was Poking the fish eye out from the other side

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