The Truth About Water Purification In A Wilderness Survival Situation

The Truth About Water Purification In A Wilderness Survival Situation

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In this video Dr. Anja Whittington teaches us about water purification in a wilderness survival situation. She covers four great ways to make drinking water safe to drink and talks a bit about the side effects and risks posed by not making the water safe before drinking it.

This was also a project for my digital production class in film school so please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for making it better! Thanks guys!

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  1. Where I live the only bad thing you can get from my local water in summer is Beaver Fever, and we haven't had a case of it in the area in over 20 years.
    But in the rainy season you can get parasites from racoon feces in the water, amoebas that eat at your brain, and worse.
    So look up what's in the water in your area, that way you can learn how to treat the water correctly dependent on where you are.
    Boiling is the best bet, if you don't know, but some portable water purifiers can miss some bacteria and viruses.
    So E-coli can sneak into your system when you think your water is safe.

    Better safe than sorry

    My ultimate advice. Bring a 2 litre bottle of water with you when you go out, and something that you can boil water in. Then when you have a chance to stop and boil water, fill the whole bottle. That way you have plenty.
    If you're caught overnight, fill the bottle, and use it for warmth.
    In some climates you can boil the water in the bottle, but that's only recommended if you know it'll work where you are.



  3. I just now stumbled upon this and found it to be very informative. I am currently residing in Ireland, and when out and about I would come across lots of the things talked about in the video. (Thumbs up for the editing and producing of the video.)

  4. hint doc…fill ur bottle with the opening away (180')  from the direction of water flow…less solids

  5. Bush Camping Tools

    Ok I subbed too after checking your other vids good stuff.

  6. Bush Camping Tools

    All good information however, I've come across lost people who were dehydrated and for sure suffering all the symptoms she speaks about but of course had lost all rational thought so they can't make that decision to drink even when they may be carrying drinkable fluids other than water on them, such as UHT milk, canned fruit etc.

  7. "Lack of proper maintenance and following routine schedules on your part, in no way implies an emergency on my part."

  8. i cannot get any sound to hear her

  9. great video, your right about that need for water when doing a difficult hike even when the weather is moderately warm. You will become very thirsty in no time at all.
        I went hiking with a group of guys who did not know much about camping and they fail to bring any water. I was forced filter water for the whole group, not fun.
        People should learn some common sense skills before they head off into the woods even for just one night.

  10. Lifestraw is a good tool for water filtration.

  11. Dr. Anja, I teach survival also, and the 'rule of 3' is inaccurate , here's why: It conditions people to think in terms of limits that are simply not true for many people, especially people who set their own limits based on experience. For example, I can hold my breath for 5 minutes, I have fasted without food or water for six days and have also fasted with just water twice for 23 days. 30-day fasts on water are not uncommon. The shelter rule applies, however, in extreme weather. I mention these not to brag but to point out that people should not merely accept limits imposed by some arbitrary 'rule' made up by somebody which others now repeat like it's some permanent limit of the human body. Survival is, in some cases, more mental than physical, so empower people with accurate information that does not impose limits.


    Maybe just carry a small amount of iodine and cordial to make it taste bearable, and few teabags with a tin cup. Yea it would be embarrassing if you spray painted your rescue chopper in mission brown.

  13. Question: For a few million years our ancestors drank unfiltered, unboiled water wherever they could find it and enough obviously survived the practice. So why do modern day humans get sick if they do the same thing? Just wondered.

  14. J.Douglas Hutchinson

    very good information, and good presentation. One thing, and this is a long time pet peeve of mine. there are many many quotes you could have used if the 5th P offended, but it is the 7 P's not 6. proper prior planning prevents PISS poor  performance.  if you are using an established saying, or quote, use the whole thing. some people will slam me for being petty here, but it REALLY bothers me when this type of thing is done.

  15. Don't get caught off guard. Get water anywhere with the Oasis

  16. I imagine a virus would only be found in a river or stream if there's something like a dead animal or fish upstream, and your drinking invisible molecules of its blood.  Or there's animal feces stuck in the river bed – one of those things.  Viruses only spread through organic material.  

    Not a good idea to drink from a stagnant water source either – since viruses can stay there, and won't flow away with a river or stream.

  17. Anyone advertising for Monsanto or Bayer or any of the other companies that are pushing GMOs and poisons is barking up the wrong tree in my book.

  18. @Zen you must be sick for some other reason. After you bring the water to a raging boil and let it do so for up to 1 minute that should take care of everything, unless you're over elevations over 6,500 ft, then you would boil for 3 minutes. Also, you don't mess with stagnant water. It is said some strains of bacteria are resistant to boiling temperatures of water but thats when you boil for longer at a higher temperature if you question if it's not safe to drink or just use a filter or add iodine. The boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celcius and 212 degrees Farenheight. These resistant bacteria Im sure are found in stagnant water. The boiling temperature of the water in Celcius needs to be up to 120 degrees.

  19. I say just always keep a good solid metal container/bottle with you such as a 32 oz Nalgene bottle a nesting cup and some water putification tablets. You need water then start a small fire and boil it. Not only does it purify your water but it helps decontaminate your bottle too. Also, having a metal container is reusable and it serves many other purposes such as cooking and making char cloth.There is a lot that can be done. I personally cary those 3 items along with a water bag that can be used to store the sterilized water in after the process.

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