The Tarp Hammock / Cocoon Survival Shelter

The Tarp Hammock / Cocoon Survival Shelter

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The Tarp Hammock / Cocoon Survival Shelter

Demonstration of a very simple but very comfortable survival shelter made of just a rope and a tarp.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the video. 

  2. Perfect, fuck buying one

  3. Great idea for a hammock, gonna give this one a try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Heading to El Yunque rainforest and Vieques island today for a bit. I'm going to give this one a try!

  5. Brill. Thanks for sharing

  6. Survival Tracker


  7. Survival Tracker

    Your welcome on a course my friend 🙂

  8. allright after watching the whole video…pretty cool idea

  9. knot tying skills need some work

  10. Survival Tracker

    Lol! Yeah that happens to me sometimes too. We are all dealing with the same issues so we come up with the same solutions more than often I guess. I never claim a solution as mine and it is nice to see different takes on the same stuff anyway. Thanks for watching and take care!

  11. Kullcraven Bushcraft

    Hey man that is alot like my tarp hammock and pea pod shelter set up. lol funny how you think your the first ,then realize geez someone else did basically the same thing lol.Good job buddy.check out my peapod shelter in the freezing rain and snow man. I use it all the time man works great

  12. Survival Tracker

    Great! I have the LTV immediately after Exploring Bushcraft. Otherwise I can recommend the LTV Scout Edition (july 13th – 17th) you get the Idre HangOut 2013 (July 18th – 21st) for free if you sign up for that one. But maybe as you are here anyway you can take the LTV immediately. One of the participants in your course also does the LTV immediately after.

  13. Thats nice thanks. Im thinking about signing up for a slightly more advanced course, im also interested in tracking.

  14. Survival Tracker

    Well, just shop around and you can get the stuff when you are here. Erica will take away the shipping from your order. Cheers.

  15. Ah ok i see, im thinking about buying some new stuff. Tried out a few of your techniques on the weekend. Worked well, plus now i can tie the siberian hitch! Cheers mate.

  16. Survival Tracker

    Thanks Spencer, I mostly use the stuff we have in the shop and in connection with taking a course you get a rebate. Cu soon!

  17. Excellent, glad to see you didnt edit out the "fun" at the end! Even experts can forget to check their tarps! I heard your wife laughing, lol. Nice one peter see you in a few days! Spencer, oh i wonder do you sell any of your own varavild clothes or equipment???


  19. Subs take note !

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