The Survival Tabs Emergency Food – Survival Food

The Survival Tabs Emergency Food – Survival Food

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The Survival Tabs emergency survival food rations are a great way to make sure you will have the calories you need to get through a survival situation. With a 25 year shelf life, this emergency meal replacement would be a great addition to a bug out bag or disaster kit.

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  1. smokymountaingirl Betsy

    Better than bugs! Oh, and keep rambling.

  2. They have to be dry, that accounts for the long shelf life. Too bad the shelf life wasn't 35 years or something though.

  3. First thing that popped in in my head was "soylent green" lol

  4. I tell you what bubba

  5. Damb it! Why coul'nt they do savoury flavours? I'm sure I'm noth the only one that feels 12 lots of sweet teast in your mouth is sickly.

  6. like the protein pills from lost in space (the orig tv show that is)

  7. does anyone see the sunk

  8. A Port In The Storm

    just subscribed to your channel thanks for all that you do

  9. Those tabs are probably made out of Soylent Green. If so then they really are "people food". Don't visit the factory! You might lost your appetite – haha

  10. Not all bugs taste the same. Many grubs that live in dead wood taste great but cock roaches and maggots taste horrendous. Tabs would be easier to find if you had them in your bag…

  11. Man you chew fast lol

  12. kid Clorox Bleach

    I don't care I'm never eating bugs

  13. Guerra dos Bichos

    I like eating bugs , you biggots

  14. Looks like a great product. Love the "not Jolly Rancher good". Think I'll get some.

  15. Dark Angel Dreadnaught

    these look neat.

  16. Only 240 calories? U need 3000 a DAY when ur active, like u should be in a survival situation

  17. Good review- I like that you actually tried the survival tabs for us and didn't just talk about them.

  18. can you try to eat theese for like 2 days and let us know if you can remove hunger with theese tablets

  19. CrimsonLotus { and More!!}

    Mostly all factions server staff are also staff on other servers
    I.e. Prison and KitPvP

  20. Narwhale The Great

    only 240 calories? for 12?

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