The Survival Log Shelter.

The Survival Log Shelter.

- in Survival Skills

In this video i build a survival shelter made out of logs. With a raised bed that has a mattress made out of spruce twigs.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Rights of use:

The Pyre:


  1. Looks fun, wish I had a chance to do something like this.

  2. What is the exact model of your wetterlings axe ?

  3. I wonder if a reflective tarp would be warmer

  4. Ludde Lundkvist


  5. Ludde Lundkvist

    är dy svensk?

  6. Ecoturism, Travel to Quindio – Colombia ^^

  7. RandomEveryThing

    forsätt göra videos dom är så jävla bra

  8. How is this survival if you use the tarp?
    You might as well use a tent.
    Totally honest question, not hating.

  9. great shelter and amazing view!

  10. This place so pretty :3

  11. hehehe, en liten paus med kanelbulle å festis….niiiice ;)

  12. you have your backpack :)

  13. guys please help me… im actually thinking of leaving society and living of the land somewhere very remote up in northern sweden… im just so goddamn tired of all the people and that i have to go to work al the goddamn time and then just sit on my ass and play games or some boring ass shit… now what should i do? please help…

  14. Isabella Nasilowski

    are you swedish? Because ou have festis

  15. You are great! And to all the haters, f u

  16. Ameesha Boodram

    you're hot

  17. Hello from Finland! Good looking camp idea.

    This case it's better not to cut off that fallen tree. "Root wall" may crush down.

  18. ‫حبيب الكل‬‎


  19. Very good video. Glad to have seen some content its been quite awhile, I hope you begin making more videos soon

  20. lite farligt att sova under en rotvälta skulle jag vilja påpeka.

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