The Stomping Land: Survival Basics

The Stomping Land: Survival Basics

- in Survival Basics

The Stomping Land: Survival Basics

Just some tips on how the crafting system works and how to get your feet wet in this new dinosaur survival adventure.
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  1. can you save the game on solo?

  2. Order of Champions

    The Stomping Land – A game where content is removed instead of added due to hundreds of bugs.

    It's awesome though, but atm no progress is saved. If you build on a server or singelplayer and then exit the server (the game, no return to main menu function yet) everything you've done will be removed.

    But when that's fixed character progression and customization will be added, which seems rally cuel.

    Teepee (house) will also be customizable and camo for the house + yourself can be made with leaves from plants, and or mud.

    There's also a secret island somewhere outside the coast that will hold rare materials and some sort of  "legendary" dinosaur.

    In caves there was rumored to be added some sort of basilisk dinosaur. You know; giant snake.

  3. wtf…. okay so at 11:55 its says Alexander died. I was watching someone holding him captive on a stream like 5 mins ago xD

  4. Wow… what a cliffhanger!

  5. Argyle, you should have way more viewers! Your videos are awesome 🙂 Keep going

  6. I dont know why. But every time I watch your vids I just bust up laughing at your comments. Pure gaming comedy right here hahahah

  7. They should add character creation. I want to draw dongs on myself and steal people.

  8. Ahaah! That was me at the end crawling on the rock!

  9. Bilbenshire Cinema

    Great video, But thats actually a (Nitpick dinonerd mode activate) its a CarnoTaurus, not saurus.

  10. Thanks for the tips…

  11. Of course there were no Dinosaurs when Homo sapiens sprouted. creationists will love this game.

  12. omg i am 667th viewer and just had a mtn dew ad where some dude got a 6, 6 and 7 score…What the fuck! Oh yeah and cool video btw :)

    Play Haven and Hearth, it's free!!!

  14. now every game is early access idk how i feel about early access anymore.. 

  15. Cami Howe (Shadowlulz)

    What about female models? :P

  16. Oh and I love that you call him stgyosaurus.  I think it's "sty-Ja-mo-loch."  But it's just a juvenile pachycephalosaurus so i mean who's really counting amirite.  i called em 'green annoying ones' usually..

  17. Glad to see you're playing this!  Been h-y-p-e-d for a year my nigga, glad it's finally out for all cuz playing with the same 4 guys was boring as shit..

  18. Seems like a decent game. Terrible name though! What is that?

  19. ImTooBusyBeingATank

    wondering what it was when u were talking about in past streams

  20. AWESOME! Thanks for doing this vid! I was curious about this game

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