The Spartool: Camping, Woods, Survival Multi-Tool | Great for Bug Out Bags, Emergency Kits

The Spartool: Camping, Woods, Survival Multi-Tool | Great for Bug Out Bags, Emergency Kits

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The Spartool was a camping, survival, and emergency multi-tool – an all-in-one fix so you didn’t have to carry a ton of different items. The Spartool includes a shovel with a saw edge and a sharpened chopping edge, a pick, a hammer, a pry bar, and a bottle opener. This is going into one of my cars for those snowy and icy New Hampshire days. Check it out!

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  1. That dog scared the crap out of me lol

  2. You can never have too much tool.

  3. WarriorofCathar

    That is a painfully poor shovel. How did they expect anyone to use it with the hammer in the damn middle?How did they expect anyone to use a hammer with the razor of a shovel head blocking the rotation?

  4. That's about the most asinine looking toy/"tool" I've ever seen… Who invented it, MacGyver or Bear Grylls? And why doesn't it have a kitchen sink?

  5. A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge

    Knifewrench! (SCRUBS).

  6. guns4funcajanajustin

    Cool tool!

  7. thin croval. high fives for light weight. But, like multi tools does many thing none of them well.

  8. >Uses a gimmicky multi shovel
    >Serrated edges on shovels used for roots when digging
    >Hammer has no weight behind it, shitty ergonomics
    >Pry-bar is basically useless
    How fucking dumb is the company that made this shekel grabbing tool. It's made for dumb middle class "IMMA SURVIVAH" cucks.

  9. Teddy Thefourth

    I agree with you about the saw. Maybe good for cutting precise notches but other than a nearly useless tool. They are way too prevalent and frankly I think people give them too much credit. I'd take a chopping tool over a equal sized saw any day.

  10. What hoaky POS

  11. After much thought the saw was included for a few specialty tasks, such as cutting notches for snares and primitive bows, as well as cutting through roots in confined spaces where there isn't enough room to swing. We do agree with Tim that most of the time the much faster solution is to chop.

  12. Tech&Prep Network

    I would buy it IF…
    1. They fix the sheath: The sheath of any sharp edge tool is always 50% of the product. Throwing in that garbage makes it worthless right now. You don't want to slice up your finger on the tool especially when you are out and about.
    2. They remove the saw edge. I was laughing when Tim was trying that part out knowing full well that the other edge would do the job better in both cases.

  13. kinda cool. just a little pricey 4 what it is. u can probly get all the tools on there separately & save money.

  14. GameHunterMaster

    Reminds me of a baby Crovel extreme.

  15. Interesting tool. 1075 carbon steel, 2.8 lbs, not a bad weight. It seems to be a passable pry bar, hammer, saw and shovel, but it doesn't do any of the associated tasks as good as the dedicated shovel, hammer, saw… However, if that's all you had, it seems that (based on your review) you could get things done. It wouldn't be pretty, but it would work.

  16. AlaskanFrontier1

    See the real problem with trying to put a saw on another tool is, unless you make the tool as thin as a normal saw blade it just won't work. The magic to saws is there thickness (or lack thereof).

  17. John Klopp (Florida Outdoor Gear)

    Nice review. Getting close to 100k!

  18. Nice vid but I would have liked to see the pry bar tested. The shovel head looks very flat to be an effective digging tool. I figured just by looking at it that the saw would be worthless. Might be a decent tool for 30 bucks or less. For $140.00 you'd have to be nutz to buy that.

  19. Brendan MacKinnon

    it looks like it wouldn't be comfortable to use, very unwieldy, theres no where to place your back hand to give you extra force while shoveling, the saw is too small, the hammer and pick end seem like it would be hard to use with the shovel on the bottom, great review but id pass on this toy…

  20. Very ambitious, but it really looks like a bunch of people are gonna injury themselves with that. Basically, everything that it can safely do, can be done with smaller tools that are easier to pack. I kinda feel bad knocking it because somebody put a lot of time and effort into it, but it looks like a bust to me.

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