The Rocky Mountains Ray Mears S2E2 part 1

The Rocky Mountains Ray Mears S2E2 part 1

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The Rocky Mountains: Ray Mears
Season 2
Episode 2
Part 1
The Rocky Mountains are a stunning sight to behold, but also a place where knowledge of how to stay warm, well fed and safe from bears can prove vital. Understanding and determination are the keys that unlock this wilderness.
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  1. Bushcraft Quebec Outdoors

    welcome to the canadian wilderness :)


    Check out this video on YouTube: one of my favorite shelters in this episode.

  3. Drink Electrolytes

    On January 26, 1700 one of the world's largest earthquakes occurred along the west coast of North America. The undersea Cascadia thrust fault ruptured along a 680 mile length, from mid Vancouver Island to northern California in a great earthquake, producing tremendous shaking and a huge tsunami that swept across the Pacific. Following this, many indians migrated to Colorado, but the legend of the wave never died. I'm BSing, but that earthquake happened I just looked it. Good question tho

  4. Awesome isn't it.Anyone know where this location is?

  5. Cool, but with lean-to's like this, doesn't the rain have to fall straight down? Seem's any wind will blow it in. Cool vid!

  6. He said -50

  7. Mārtiņš Tooms

    -50 ? or -15 ?

  8. Wow. People arguing over who's legit in the outdoors. Ray, Les, or Bear. What a surprise.

  9. What people mean is his show! what you see on tv is not what bear Grylls would actually teach you in real life and what bear does on tv is not what you want to do In a survival situation! ,im sure discovery channel is to blame. discovery is gone to shit anyway.

  10. kristofer sigmarsson

    sub to me ill sub back just frienly =)

  11. your wrong Bear is Awesome! Ray mears sucks!

  12. MrNevillebamshoot

    Yeah, no kidding.

  13. Bear is gives good advice on how to get out of a bad situation, for example when you're lost in the middle of nowhere and what to look for to find civilisation, however I agree with you, a mixture of knowledge from all three people can be extremely useful.

  14. 1 dislike from Bear Grylls

  15. I really like both Ray Mears, Les Stroud and Grylls. I dont understand why people dislike gryllls and says he isnt the real deal. How is 3 years in the SAS, climbing Everest at age 23 and crossing the arctic NOT the real deal?

  16. i love living in BC Canada 🙂
    well i did for 18 years lol now im an Albertan

  17. if it was 1080p id jizz

  18. Vaidotas Klyvis

    Why do you think Bear doesnt respect nature? Arguments, please.

  19. Why were the fish dead when he got them out?

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