The Most Underrated Survival Tip?

The Most Underrated Survival Tip?

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The one simple “survival tip” that just may save your life. Without fail, the vast majority of lost hiker, or “missing in the wilderness” stories virtually all begin with the same statement: “He didn’t tell anyone where he was going”. By adhering to this most basic of rules when venturing into the outdoors, you may easily avoid being just another statistic.
The information contained in this video is NOT intended as a replacement for time & experience in the outdoors, having the proper gear & equipment for the conditions you are likely to encounter, and a working knowledge of basic survival skills.
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  1. The borring, most mundane information is usually the most important.

  2. your scared face looks like my 'trying to poop' face

  3. blah blah blah blah skip to the middle

  4. The first couple of mins, this guy waffles worse than a Bible Belt politician.
    Jump to 2:10 to get to the tip.

  5. Not a "glamorous" tip, but definitely a great one.

  6. Thank you for that, very sensible!

  7. When you realize you're lost,STOP WALKING,start camping. At least long enough for someone to find you.

  8. margaret gardner

    I think it was an excellent video and an excellent tip on surviving in the woods
    and can also be applied to surviving in the city by always letting your friends
    and family know where you're going and who you're leaving with.

  9. I was hoping to hear something helpful after the mistake was done… ok… A few day hike items… Did not tell anyone…Now what?

  10. Lot of waffle until 2:15.

  11. I usually just send someone I trust a text message saying Hey I am here, I will be back by this time, please reply to acknowledge. Just before you go sending texts talk to said person that you are going to do this, what to do if you have not returned and what you are carrying with you in terms of water, shelter and first aid as that knowledge is crucial to rescuers.

    I just send my Brother a text and I am safe in the knowledge that he knows exactly what to do should I not return or contact him before I said I would.

  12. Drawn out, but really good tip. Thanks.

  13. Find a high ground, and scream at the top of your lungs "marco!" and hope that someone replies with "polo" :)

  14. Geoffrey Barrow

    I would put the note clearly visible on the dashboard. Not much point in putting it in the glove compartment as most people will NOT have a key to your car!

  15. the best tip of them all would be dont put yourself in a failure situation in the first place and u wont need no morse codes nor other
    survival tip. just dont be stupid when u are going to mountains or deep into the woods

  16. did anyone call Bob

  17. good tip, but maybe shorten the video a nudge.

  18. Hi, thanks for the video. I have one survival tip for this movie. Try to trace back the way with your taken pictures.

  19. OldSchoolAmerican

    Fire is number one. Water is number two. Weapon is number three IMHO.

  20. I thought you were going to say to look at the position of the sun to figure out what direction you need to go, but yeah, letting someone know where you are and when you should be back would be a good idea, and also putting a note in your car letting them know what direction you will be going is good advice too.

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