The Forest – Episode 1 – Basics of Survival

The Forest – Episode 1 – Basics of Survival

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Welcome to The Forest. We’ve crash landed on a mysterious island. Only time can tell as to whether or not we survive. Or perish. The odds are against us my friends.


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  1. play some more!

  2. Just so you know every update resets you

  3. Kermit, I'm watching you 15:20 running around scared of the cannibals, if you kill them then they can't hurt you! They are on your turf kill them and be done with them! You got that ax for a reason

  4. Great idea. Why don't I watch this in the middle if the night! What could possibly happen.. Right?

  5. Medic!

  6. Ozzy Mills-dyke

    This cool play more

  7. Carlos Martinez

    I respect y kermit isnt uploading because he taking care of his family so i respect him for that

  8. TheNoNothingGuy

    Add facecam

  9. Alexander Sanborn

    Do more of this

  10. More episodes. 

  11. Chukwuemeka “Chuck” Gubor

    If you wanna show that your there friend… you probably shouldn't kill their friends

  12. Please make more Kermit!!

  13. Love this !! 

  14. make more forest

  15. More pls

  16. Kermit u told them who's boss 

  17. MORE!!!

  18. Rainbow Incorporated

    To make it more dramatic – The creators of The Forest should add more people to the plane, and screaming as well.

  19. awesome m8 keep it up

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