The Fate of Lord Snow – Game of Thrones (Season Two)

The Fate of Lord Snow – Game of Thrones (Season Two)

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Season 2 finds Jon north of the wall learning and surviving. ( and maybe gettin a little whiff of the ginger) 🙂 Jone Snow is Portrayed by Kit Harrington.


  1. so did half hand kill himself so Jon Snow looked like a traitor? was this his plan?

  2. 30:00 the beginning of the memes.

  3. Craster was a bag full of every filth possible on all the Seven Kingdoms.

  4. wellguesswhatIthink

    I could not hear a word of what Half-hand said at the end. Can someone help me, why were the other deaths Jon's fault?

  5. season 3 – 6 available yet?? these are the best dude fuckin love it

  6. Fate of Jory and Rodrick cassel please

  7. Cheers Daemon

  8. thanks!!!., and waitin!!more!!

  9. Marcus Aurelius

    Ooo another Clutch fan. You earned yourself a sub on that basis alone. 

  10. are you still going to do the fate of Jon targaryen when season 8 is done?

  11. nice video bro

  12. And thus the phrase was coined.

  13. Nicholas Skeans

    wow. never realized how little he was in this season

  14. That was fast…

  15. Honey Doofus Productions


  16. Daemon Blackfyre

    Still know nothing.

  17. Second, Bitches!!

  18. Second

  19. First

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