The Best Survival Shelter In The World

The Best Survival Shelter In The World

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A truck camper is the ultimate survival and bug out shelter you can get. It has many benefits over any other camper out there. See why. Read the full article on the link above.
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  1. Patrick TheBaptist

    One thing though, you aren't going to be doing any major off roading it will just turn over, you would do better with a dual rear wheel truck/1ton than a single rear wheel.
    If you are bugging out, your not going to be able to just grab another truck to slip under your camper, another reason I wouldn't want a chevy, break downs are common, that's why I took the 454 out of my motor home, it's getting a Cummins 5.9

  2. You state this is going to be the "perfect survival shelter" Ok if your caught in a flash flood will it survive? What about Tornado can it take on an EF 5 tornado? How about bullet resistance.. If I shot up your "shelter" will you be able to drive off & not freeze to death do to all the bullet holes? Clearly this is far from being THE perfect shelter.

  3. Two is one One is none If your camper breaks your SOL

  4. i like both styles of campers. you get more for less. you can turn p pull behind into an offroad to.

  5. Kenneth Phillips

    bugging out lol. hUh.. I get where you going with that though. nice set up

  6. Sooo if your truck breaks down just steal one?

  7. How do those cabinets turn into a bed?

  8. I see your bring your own black mold……smart.

  9. Phillip Easterday

    In a true bugout event… you wont take a vehicle at all…. there wont be any room on the streets because everyone will be doing the same thing…. you need to be able to carry all you need on you… or a bicycle…

  10. 4×4 vans too

  11. On the whole, I agree with your assessment regarding the TC.  However, each person is likely to perceive a different need along with defend whatever purchase they've already made.  A good TC coupled with a good 4×4 is simply a very flexible vehicle.  Of course, the downside to a TC is the fact that you're going to give up some space, but you can also pull a cargo trailer with ease should you need to.  Yes…IMHO a good TC and a good 4×4 is the best bug out combination.

    But…if you're actually talking about the best "survival shelter", then I think I'd have to opt for a well equipped / supplied, secretly located, fortified bunker…with the TC and 4×4 sitting off on the flanks should you have to go mobile.  lol

  12. They are really cheap too!

  13. Compost toilet why not just a chamber pot it takes way less space? 

  14. Well now that camper is gone, you no longer talk about bugging out, you are now homesteading with a tiny house on wheels, that won't go anywhere easily.
      And if just 1% of the city folk make it out past the burbs, you are talking 1 million people living in your woods. good luck with that.

  15. Can this take a direct hit from an ICBM?

  16. Sept 24 

  17. atta boy

  18. I have also decided this is the best idea…..will try to do the same thing within 3 months.

  19. My friend had this model, once you load your stuff inside there is zero room left for you. Very top heavy in back areas that are not paved. It is a very good bug out vehicle, just not roomy. Enjoy it.

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