Teach Your Kids Survival Skills – Scout Prepper

Teach Your Kids Survival Skills – Scout Prepper

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I discuss the importance of teaching your spouse and children basic survival, and emergency skills. This can be anything from what to do in a tornado, to calling 911, to how to build a fire. The sky is really the limit, but there is no denying that your family should know how to survive just like you do.

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  1. By the time my child was 12, she/he could shoot the heads off toy soldiers at 30 feet.  Done wilderness vacations and they work.  The big thing is to keep them interested throughout puberty and beyond.  Scary times, during natural disasters can help keep the heat on and even help a disinterested spouse grow balls; so-to-speak. But if you can find that certain "red button" that makes them join you with both feet in, then there's an even better chance that when the chips are down, no tail slips between their legs.  Being raised by teachers and military folks(WW2 and Vietnam), lit my fire and I still carry the torch.  My pappy would always coach survival skills.  He was an avid camper, fisherman and hunter.  Ol pop was like Popeye–he ate his greens and defended women and the old; less fortunate.  He was a man of character and high ideals.  He made me see the light early on.  I am glad I know you "Scout Prepper"!  Thank you!  Great vid!  Jb.

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