Tac Bar Survival Food Rations

Tac Bar Survival Food Rations

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The Tac Bar survival food rations 5 day bug out kit gives you 2500 calories per day and 100% of almost all required vitamins and minerals. It is great for a large survival kit or prepper supplies.

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  1. no Tac-Bar in amazon canada

  2. looks like a bar of soap

  3. your face say's it all , no thanks

  4. 14$ for One block of GMO Wheat, Sugar, and Oats? I can make my own for the cost of 70cents. Try better ingredients. WE ARE NOT HAMSTERS !

  5. You are supposed to crumble it in hot water, makes a soup or hot drink. Like hot chocolate……..yum!

  6. Well shoot. I didn't see this video until now. Belated welcome to my home state Brian, I hope you enjoyed your trip to good ole NC, and I look forward to the video of it!

  7. These things are not meant to taste good, meant to help ya in harsh times lol. Great at video I shall check them out !!

  8. GrizzlyHillbilly

    you should do a video on the UST (Ultimate Survival Technologies) survival rations. they're really good and it's $5 at walmart. however they don't have them here in Nebraska. however my buddy is sending me some from Colorado.

  9. Thanks again for everything you do. at least I'm not buying another knife lol.

  10. GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle

    Bryan LOL come on bro, I know it was horrible lol..come on now don't lie haha.. take care bro..peace and god bless.

  11. Guns and Gear Network

    Brian, great review!! Just FYI, I sent TacBar over to your channel to get you to do a review. I think this is a great option to have on hand.

  12. magnus andersson

    Gonna send you the real deal;)

  13. Im in troop 296 in wilmington north carolina

  14. Dwight E Howell

    I'm not sure why the shelf life isn't longer than five yrs. I'm pretty sure they could make something good for 25 yrs.

    You have fun on the trip.

  15. 7:40 "let the cat out of the bag," that's a stinky cat over your shoulder.

  16. Kind of expensive compared to some of the other products out there, but if they taste better, they might be worth it. Need a comparison test.

  17. Its like the survival tabs…..its better than bugs…lol

  18. Would rather use this than the MRE…

  19. Whats the difference between these and mayday food bars?

  20. Thystaff Thywill

    A person don't need 2500 calories for a day unless they're doing extensive work in very hot conditions. A person can survive on half the day ration.

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